These are the penalties and fines for worn tires

These are the penalties and fines for worn tires

Whether unintentionally or knowingly: worn tires are not only dangerous for road traffic, but also cause a great deal of resentment among those affected due to high fines and penalties. If the minimum tread depth of 1.6mm is not reached during a police check, the vehicle or the vehicle is considered to be in danger. the tires are not considered roadworthy and accordingly may not be used. The rule is the same regardless of whether summer, winter or all-season tires are involved.

Driver and owner are responsible

However, if you now think you are safe when driving someone else's car, you are wrong. Because for the control of the vehicle z. B. If there are defects or damages, the driver is responsible and not (only) the owner of the vehicle. However, if an accident happens as a result of the insufficient tread depth, the vehicle owner can also be fined, even though he was not driving the car himself. The insurance company can also – in an emergency – refuse to pay the claim. The decisive factor is whether the accident would also have occurred with intact, new tires or whether the worn tires are the cause of the accident.

Prevent worn tires

However, in order not to get into the situation of being conspicuous with worn tires in the first place, some precautions can be taken. This includes, for example, regular measurement of the tread depth. In addition, it is better to use high-quality all-season tires instead of used tires. To set seasonal tires. All-season tires in particular offer the advantage of being able to use them all year round and not having to change at summer and winter time. So you do not have to fear to put on the actually worn out but still stored winter tires, although they should have been replaced by a set of new tires long ago.

This is how high the fines and penalties are

If the tire tread depth is measured during a regular traffic control and this is criticized, but no other road user is directly hindered by this, a fine of 60 euros for the driver, as well as a point in Flensburg is threatened. If you obstruct or endanger another road user, this amount rises to 75 euros – in the event of an accident, even to 90 euros.

The owner of the car – for example the partner, an acquaintance, friend or family member – can even expect a fine of 75 euros and a point. The owner is also responsible for the road safety of the vehicle, even if he does not drive it himself.

Other fines at a glance

If further defects are found on the vehicle during the traffic control, for example, the following fines may be imposed according to the catalog of fines:

  • If the tires are not appropriate for the weather conditions, 60 euros and a point in Flensburg will be assessed. Especially those who drive in winter without winter tires risk high fines here. All-season tires, which can be used in winter as well as in summer, can therefore make sense. If an accident occurs as a result, 120 euros and a point are due.
  • If parts of the vehicle stick out and endanger other road users, a fine of 20 euros is payable.
  • Driving without or with insufficient wheel coverage, on the other hand, means a fine of 5 euros.
  • If an illegal device was used to increase the gripping effect of the wheels, the vehicle owner has to pay a fine of 25 euros.
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