The virtual magic show

Live and online – every good event has a top act.

A brand new online format created specifically for virtual events, digital conferences and online-only meetings.
Visually stunning entertainment with extraordinary tricks that will immediately captivate your guests to their laptops. This unique show, specially developed for online meetings, brings your message directly to your virtual guests in an impressive way. The show is interactive, highly visual and lets your brand take center stage with custom effects.

A new medium requires a new show

The entire virtual magic show is presented live and invites your audience to come even closer to magic than would ever be possible on a big stage. The show offers previously unseen illusions, plays with the medium of online conferencing and lets your guests participate interactively.

The virtual magic show

Book your virtual show act

The guests of their online conference experience things they have never seen before, they become part of the interactive show where you never know what will happen in the next moment.
Only you can be sure: best entertainment for your guests, your brand messages emotionally conveyed and a highlight for your online event.
Simon Pierro opens up a new dimension of virtual business shows in every respect.

Even Zoom CEO Eric Yuan is thrilled: "This is amazing! Simon indeed is an awesome magician!"

Among the previous enthusiastic customers are Fujitsu, Disney Germany, the United Nations, Santis AstraZeneca, Helvetia Insurance, IBM and many others.

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The virtual magic show

Interactive, visual, individual – the virtual magic show for 2021

Digitalization is advancing. Shareholder meetings, kick-off meetings, product presentations, company events of any kind take place online.
And also online an outstanding show act should not be missing – ideally this program item is closely related to your company, your products and services, puts them in the limelight and thus creates memory values that your guests will talk about for a long time to come.

The virtual magic show

World Wide Wonders – a virtual magic show like you have never experienced before.

Now also as a digital award ceremony!

Simon Pierro invites you and your audience to a digital awards show full of magical moments. Honor special people with "World Wide Winners!".

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