The most important questions for your lawyer appointment – your checklist for preparation

Have you been involved in a traffic accident, have you been dismissed without cause, or have you been the victim of a criminal offense?? In these cases, it is important to act quickly and seek legal help. We at the law firm Scheerer& Maly have put together a checklist to help you best prepare for your first appointment with your criminal or traffic attorney.

1. Make an appointment early

First, it's important to find out about law firms in the immediate area and make an initial attorney appointment. You should pay attention to the areas of expertise of the law firm you choose and, if possible, consult a specialized lawyer.

It's critical to seek legal help early on to resolve disputes more quickly and effectively. When in doubt, don't hesitate to call for an initial consultation. The small investment of time and money is worth it in most cases and helps speed resolution.

2. Contact your legal malpractice insurance company

If you have taken out legal protection insurance, it is advantageous to contact them in advance. This will help you clarify what services are covered by insurance and if there is a deductible. You should inform the attorney of your legal expenses insurance at your initial appointment so that he or she can bill the attorney, at least on a pro rata basis, for any costs incurred.

3. Take notes on the facts of the case

The most important questions for your lawyer appointment - your checklist for preparation

Many people are excited to see a lawyer and often forget to mention important details at the first appointment, hindering a quick resolution of the case. You can prevent this by taking notes on the facts of the case.

Example: you had a car accident – someone hit the side of your car while you were parking. In this case, it is important to note the following things:

  • Accident procedure
  • Insurance number of the person who caused the accident
  • Vehicle registration number of the other party
  • If necessary, the completed insurance questionnaire

If you disagree with the person who caused the accident about what happened, it is also advisable to involve the police. In this case, you will need to let the attorney know that there is a police file on the accident so they can request it from the appropriate agency.

4. Keep witness documents at hand

No matter what the crime is, it is always advantageous to have impartial witnesses who can give information about the course of events in case of doubt. Write down all available information about all parties involved as well as witnesses and bring these documents with you to the first attorney appointment.

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