Real estate agent training

Real estate agent training courses can be considered as basic qualifications for real estate agents on the one hand, but on the other hand they are also training courses for real estate agents who want to fulfill their training obligation and also want to learn more.

This is therefore a very complex topic, which must first be dealt with intensively. Here you will find further information and can get a first impression independent of the provider. Thus at least a beginning is made, which often gives the starting signal for a promising career in the real estate industry.

Real estate agent training

Job description real estate agent – career opportunities and earning potential

Real estate agents are important forces within the real estate industry and are basically responsible for brokering properties. First of all, you are an important contact person for owners who want to sell or rent their property. Prospective buyers and tenants looking for real estate also typically turn to a real estate broker. This thus brings together supply and demand, and also engages in active canvassing on behalf of customers. In addition, his or her duties include preparing exposes, organizing viewings and assisting in contract negotiations.

As a real estate agent, one can be self-employed or, for example, find employment opportunities in a real estate agency, housing association or construction company. Although the earnings potential varies greatly depending on the area of work and position, the average salary can be estimated at around 30.000 Euro to 80.000 Euro gross per year.

Become a real estate agent by continuing education

People with the career aspiration of real estate agent should not only know the job description, but also seek appropriate qualification. Special courses are dedicated to real estate brokerage and lead to a degree in real estate brokerage. There is no real estate agent training, but further training to become a real estate agent is still possible. The decisive factor here is that at the end of the course the official permit in accordance with § 34c Gewerbeordnung (German Trade Regulation Act) is obtained. In addition, it is worth taking a close look at the typical contents of further training, which include the following topics:

  • Business administration
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Real estate market
  • Building law
  • Tenancy law
  • Residential property law
  • Communication
  • Personnel management
  • Organization
  • Insurance
  • Taxes
  • Real estate agent law
  • Real estate financing
  • Real estate appraisal

Further training opportunities for real estate agents

As a real estate agent with a completed training course, you should not allow things to stand still and should continue your training on a regular basis. For this purpose, various institutions offer courses and seminars dedicated to different aspects of the real estate industry. By taking a seminar on one of the following topics, for example, you can secure more in-depth knowledge and perhaps even gain real expert status:

  • Determination of market value
  • House and property management
  • Real estate financing
  • facility management

In the course of proper further training, the following degrees also beckon, which also offer great potential:

  • Real estate business economist
  • Real estate specialist

What is the recognition as a real estate agent like??

All those who first want to complete further training as a real estate agent must know that this is not a classic apprenticeship profession. Real estate agents only complete a training course that is supposed to give them the know-how for the job.

In order to actually gain a foothold in the competitive real estate brokerage industry, recognition of the degree is essential. Although various institutions exist, one should primarily stick to the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. By aiming for the degree of real estate agent IHK, you are on the safe side.

When should real estate agents think about continuing education?

In principle, it is useful and important in any profession to keep up to date and to participate regularly in further training courses. This is especially true for real estate agents, who are required to take continuing education courses. In a way, if you want to continue in your profession, you will be forced to keep on learning.

The external pressure that is built up in this way can sometimes be quite unpleasant. Real estate agents have to meet the legal requirements, but should rather see them as an incentive. It is rather the case that the required 20 hours within three years represent an absolute minimum.

Those who take the whole thing seriously easily end up with significantly more continuing education hours. In this way, you never lose touch, you don't have to worry about the obligation to continue your education, and you can achieve real expert status. Continuing education is therefore always very useful for real estate agents, so that lifelong learning should become part of the professional self-image.

What are the advantages of studying instead of continuing education for real estate agents??

Classical further education is without question appealing and helps ambitious real estate agents to gain a higher level of expertise, which in turn can be invaluable for their professional practice. As a real estate agent, however, one cannot avoid acknowledging the increasing academization. It is worthwhile to respond to this and to aim for an academic degree, building on the qualifications you already have.

Part-time studies in the form of distance learning, evening studies or other part-time studies can then be the right choice and lead to a Bachelor's or Master's degree in one of the following subjects, for example:

  • Business administration
  • Real estate management
  • Construction industry
  • Financial Management
  • Facility Management

The advantages are more or less obvious, because this way one can obtain a university degree with international recognition.

Since management positions are often filled by academics, it is advisable to adapt career-wise. In addition, the academic qualification takes place parallel to the job, so that real estate agents can combine theory and practice wonderfully with each other.

Providers of seminars in the field of real estate

The boom in the real estate industry appeals to many people looking for new perspectives.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a lateral entry or a career after relevant training, seminars in real estate are important qualification measures. These can be done full-time, part-time, and even by correspondence course.

The following institutions can be considered as providers:

  • Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • Professional schools
  • private academies
  • Correspondence schools

Similar professions as a source for real estate qualifications

When looking for the right real estate agent qualification, one should open oneself to other areas and also consider the further education possibilities of similar professions.

In this way, you can broaden your horizons and gain knowledge that other real estate agents do not necessarily possess. This allows you to develop an individual qualification profile and to go your own way in terms of your career.

Those who find this appealing should also consider the following professions for qualifications in the course of their search for further training:

  • Management assistant in insurance and finance
  • Bank clerk
  • Office management assistant

Starting a business as a real estate agent

If it concerns a qualification in things real estates, interested should always think also of a following business startup.

As self-employed real estate agents, they can realize their own potential while freely deciding on their professional activities. However, this step should be well prepared in order to create the best conditions for your own real estate agency.

Business start-up seminars, such as those offered by the IHK, should therefore not go unmentioned. Here ambitious real estate agents learn what is important when starting and running their own business.

Attention! Tip from the editorial office

All those who pursue professional ambitions in the real estate sector benefit from the current positive situation in the industry.

The high demand for real estate as well as the rising real estate prices promise high commissions to real estate agents. The fact that the interest in corresponding qualifications is great is therefore more or less in the nature of things. However, you should not rush into anything and pay attention to the following tip from our editorial team, among others.

Be aware of the situation on the job market for real estate agents!

The choice of a further education in the real estate sector should always take into account the situation on the labor market.

Real estate agents should therefore ask around, read current job advertisements carefully and also make an appointment for advice at the employment office. This ensures they have comprehensive information and can assess which qualifications will help them advance professionally.

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