The profession of the civil servants represents a special form under all groups of employees. The idea behind the civil service is to keep the state functional in all its areas of responsibility. Imagine if with every change of government, the employees of all government agencies were exchanged for others with the right party affiliation.

In addition to chaos in the public administration, a massive disruption of internal security would be the result. The takeovers sog. The assumption of so-called sovereign tasks by civil servants ensures a functioning homeland for the population – regardless of the government and political course.

The RAF and Berlin. In 1970, Andreas Baader, Ulrike Meinhof, Gudrun Ensslin, Horst Mahler and others founded the Red Army Faction. Briefly RAF. The extreme left-wing terrorist organization, which operated along the lines of Latin American guerrilla groups, left a trail of violence and left a lasting mark on German history. More than 30 murders attributed to "Baader-Meinhof" gang. In addition, there are bank robberies, bombings and kidnappings.

Most of the acts did not happen in Berlin, but both West and East Berlin played an enduring role in the RAF's history. 50 years after the terrorist group was founded, here we have compiled the RAF's most important historical links to Berlin.

Heidelberg, the city on the Neckar River, is well worth a visit, especially when the weather is nice.

Now, unfortunately, the weather cannot be influenced. We were also faced with rain during our 4-day Heidelberg trip.

With the commitment of the entrepreneur Benjamin Mitsch, System Immobilie GmbH has not only secured the services of a man with a great deal of experience in the development of real estate, but with this cooperation has also ensured that the subject of real estate as a retirement provision is once again becoming interesting for the average consumer.

Real estate market in Germany to be revolutionized

The system real estate GmbH would like to set an exclamation mark and lend new gloss to the German real estate market with innovative concepts and projects. One aspect here concerns the investor, who can participate with only 200 euro per month in new building projects, which yield a lasting net yield in further consequence, since on the one hand the renovation expenditure turns out by far smaller over the entire investment period and on the other hand promotions can be used, in order to obtain additional net yields. For a long-term investment success is naturally also the tenant clientele responsible, which looks completely different with new buildings than with other real estates.

Dusseldorf table - maintenance for children

The Dusseldorfer Tabelle is a tool for calculating child support. It applies to legitimate and illegitimate as well as minor and adult children.

The amount of child support is determined from the table. The amount depends on the age of the children and the income of the person who is to pay the alimony. The Dusseldorfer Table also regulates how much money must be left for the person liable to pay maintenance if he or she pays maintenance (deductible).