Our tips for heidelberg in rain & bad weather

Heidelberg, the city on the Neckar River, is well worth a visit, especially when the weather is nice.

Now, unfortunately, the weather cannot be influenced. We were also faced with rain during our 4-day Heidelberg trip.

So we had to change our plans and look for things to do in Heidelberg when it rains.

So here are our tips for Heidelberg in bad weather.

Tips for things to do in Heidelberg in the rain

In our "bad weather tips," we always focus on tips that are typical for the city. So we will not mention cinema, theater or swimming pools here.

Our tips for heidelberg in rain & bad weather

Explore the numerous museums in Heidelberg

There are several interesting museums in Heidelberg. Why not visit one in bad weather? We present the most interesting museums to you here.

Packaging Museum

  • centrally located in the old town
  • Shows the history of product packaging
  • unique museum in Europe

Pharmacy Museum

  • is located in the Heidelberg Castle
  • Access also with combined ticket (mountain railroad, castle courtyard, pharmacy museum, big barrel)
  • History and development of pharmacies with test tubes, apothecary cabinets etc. of the different eras
  • the museum is more interesting than one would expect at first sight!

Kurpfalzisches Museum

  • centrally located in the old town
  • large collection of cultural-historical exhibits of the most different areas

Reichsprasident Friedrich Ebert memorial (original apartment from 1900)

  • Friedrich Ebert was the first German Reich President
  • in the old town is his original preserved apartment
  • Exciting journey back in time to the 1900s
  • Insights into the simple, cramped living conditions at the time

Sinti-and-Roma memorial

  • unique in Europe
  • History of the Sinti and Roma in Germany
  • Insights into persecution, murder and culture


A classic when the weather is bad: off to the shopping mall. Unfortunately not possible in the old town of Heidelberg. Here there is the very long pedestrian zone, which of course is not covered. In rainy weather therefore not an option.

However, there is an alternative:

covered shopping center Fashion Park Nussloch
this is an outlet center, which can be reached by car in a good 15 minutes from Heidelberg.

Sit down in one of the cafes

In the small alleys of the old town there are many cozy cafes. Just sit in, order coffee and cake, and wait and see.

Our tips for heidelberg in rain & bad weather

Visits to Heidelberg churches

Why not go to one of the beautiful churches and study magnificent interiors in detail?

Our tips for heidelberg in rain & bad weather

Beautiful Gothic church building that offers a view of the city.

Visit the student scratcher

a visit to the Studentenkratzer, the former student prison, cannot fill a whole rainy day, but a short rain shower can be bridged well here.

Our tips for heidelberg in rain & bad weather

Feel the atmosphere of generations of drinking students.

Walk the philosopher's path

If it's not "the end of the world" and it's raining just a little, grab an umbrella (and take one for your companion, too) and walk the Philosopher's Walk. In case of light rain it should be nice and empty.

Our tips for heidelberg in rain & bad weather

2KM long path on the slope of the Heiligenberg with a view of Neckar& Castle.

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