News about car insurance

With interesting facts and news about your car insurance!

The right insurance for an electric car

News about car insurance

As with gasoline and diesel vehicles, an electric or hybrid car requires motor vehicle insurance. Especially for expensive new cars, vehicle owners should consider additional coverage. Which car insurance is the best choice for the e-car is explained below.

Relevant areas of law for motorists

News about car insurance

The law covers many areas. In relation to the car and its drivers, motor vehicle law is relevant. This includes several subareas. The rules it contains serve to protect us or give us rules and regulations that we must follow so as not to fall foul of the law. What are the things we as drivers and owners need to be aware of for legal safety and where do law firms help us out?

Young – and oldtimer insurances – what to consider?

News about car insurance

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In contrast to a new car, which loses about 20 percent of its value after just a few kilometers, the situation with classic cars is the other way around. The older the car is, the more valuable it will be. In order to determine the optimal value from an insurance point of view, an expert opinion is required.

Here the value can increase from year to year and for this reason the former purchase price can not be applied as a basic insurance, as with a new car after an accident or theft. An oldtimer that once had 30.000 DM can now easily be 120 DM.000 euros worth. Therefore only a classic car insurance can be considered for the value determination.

Comprehensive insurance pays for optional extras, but it's the details that count

News about car insurance

Cars are insured on Germany's roads. By law, motor vehicle liability insurance is required. In addition, car owners have the option of covering self-inflicted damage caused by negligence, hail and vandalism through a voluntary comprehensive insurance policy. It also pays if you lose your own car due to theft. The basic conditions are clearly defined, but in the event of a claim, the cost of the special equipment is guaranteed?

What to do when a stolen car is recovered?

News about car insurance

In Germany, more than 40 cars are stolen every day (average 2018). Professional car thieves can steal a car in less than 1 minute. However, every car owner can make life difficult for potential thieves with just a few measures. For the prevention of car thefts the most different mechanical and electronic protection systems were developed. GPS theft protection, alarm systems, steering wheel and gear shift locks, parking claws, valve guards and co. are intended to prevent the theft of a vehicle. But these measures cannot completely prevent a vehicle from being stolen nevertheless. As a rule, the stolen cars then disappear never to be seen again and only a few vehicles are recovered. If it is determined that a vehicle has been stolen, the theft is usually reported to the police station and, if necessary, criminal charges are filed, the insurance company is informed and the vehicle is deregistered with the vehicle registration office.

With these tricks you save money on car insurance!

News about car insurance

In 2016, the German Insurance Association, or GDV, calculated the classes for around 27.000 car models new. In 2017, reclassifications for one to three percent of vehicles, resulting in higher insurance costs for owners. This especially concerns drivers of SUVs and luxury class vehicles.

In order to reduce your car premium, you can, for example, carry out a targeted insurance comparison. Switch to a low-cost provider, save yourself up to 950 euros a year. Furthermore, it is worthwhile to think about the scope of insurance. Do you need comprehensive insurance? How useful is the deductible? With some car insurances you profit from discounts, which lower the costs considerably.

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