Modern style, or: the triumph of noble simplicity

Contrary to what you might think, modern style is not young at all. Its history goes back to the middle of the 20th century. The mobile service dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century and has enjoyed unbroken popularity ever since. Many of the designs and solutions created back then became iconic and still look fresh and stylish decades later. If we are fans of timeless elegance, chic and simplicity, we are made to live in spaces decorated in modern style!

Modern style, or: the triumph of noble simplicity

In foreign literature the modern style is called Mid Century Modern. It is good to know this term when looking for inspiration in Western European or American architecture. To understand what the modern style is, we need to know why it was developed. It was a reaction to the aesthetics of the late 19th century. Century, which was based on splendor and rich ornamentation. The new style should be a complete break with the previous era, with unnecessary decorations that quickly go out of fashion. The postulate was simplicity and, above all, functionality. This approach to interior design has changed the world of interior design forever.

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A simple, beautiful and practical living room

Adolf Loos, an Austrian architect, already proclaimed at the beginning of the 20. Twentieth century thesis that an ornament is a crime. The implementation of this postulate is well visible in the modern style. The basic assumption is functional minimalism in the arrangement, complete absence of decorations, simple lines, geometric shapes and noble, beautiful materials. A living room decorated according to this aesthetic should be bright and spacious. Thus, in a small room size, we should focus only on light colors, and also reach for transparent furniture such as chairs or tables made of plastic.

Although this style was based on elegant materials (noble wood, marble, brass, natural leather), plexiglass was an expression of modernity, which all designers and interior designers were striving for at the time. In addition, the extravagant combination of plastic, wood and leather creates a very original effect. A good idea for a visual enlargement of the room will also be photo wallpapers 3D for the living room. A three-dimensional, geometric design done in creamy or gray colors will look great in a room decorated this way.

In a modern living room should not lack furniture, which is a hallmark of the aesthetics we are discussing. The projects of Mies van der Rohe are among the best. His leather armchairs, chairs and chaise longues with polychrome metal frames are still some of the most recognizable furniture in the history of design today. Such expressive items cause that we do not need additional ornaments.

A combination of wood and plastic, or: a cozy bedroom

In modern style, the main thing should be functional, so let's start with the most necessary furniture. A great idea is a wooden bed in a natural color in vintage style with thin legs and a rectangular bed headboard. However, we can choose a modern model and complement the decoration with other elements from this period. Let's opt for an extravagant bedside table, a large round mirror hung above the bed and impressive lamps. It is thanks to them that the interior acquires a special character. At the initial stage of modern style toned colors were very popular, then more and more often appeared bright colors – green, dark blue or yellow. However, if you do not like such shades, go for delicate tones and reach for original photo wallpapers 3D for the bedroom. Choose an extravagant pattern that resembles a crystalline shape or a crumpled sheet of paper, or use a noble marble imitation. Here you can also insert an elegant chaise longue, inspired by the designs of Mies van der Rohe. On it you will relax while reading an interesting novel.

Opt for a modern kitchen in color

Modern style is not a detached creation. Over the decades it has been slightly modified, so it can be adapted to changing tastes and trends. The toned colors of the 40s and 50s became a real color combination in the 70s. To get away for a moment from the monochrome arrangements we proposed for the living room and bedroom, we will make a 180-degree turn and create a colorful kitchen. Its heart will be a cooking island or a bar counter with plastic chairs on high legs, decorated in rich colors. We also recommend using furniture with glossy, lacquered fronts and household appliances inspired by the old design. On a blank wall or in the cavity between the tabletop and wall cabinets place photo wallpaper 3D in the form of multicolored geometric compositions. Remember that all the dishes and appliances that you are not using at the moment should be stored in cabinets or placed on shelves. Modern style loves order and harmony, so the less you see the better.

If we were to describe modern style in one word, it would be the word "timeless". This is an aesthetic that doesn't age and still looks modern despite the passing of time. Behind it are simple geometric shapes, noble materials and design minimalism, thanks to which the space looks clear and harmonious. When choosing matching lamps and photo wallpapers 3D, as well as combining seemingly incompatible materials such as wood and metal or plastic and leather, we create a decoration of the highest level.

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