Lack of quality at bayreuth hospital? – two doctors criticized and dismissed

Lack of quality at bayreuth hospital? - two doctors criticized and dismissed

Bayreuth clinical center is in turmoil. After a dispute between two senior physicians and the management, the "arztezeitung" published a report on the incident now details of what happened in the hospital.

Announcement at bayreuth clinical center

The doctor couple, a pediatrician and neuropadiologist, and a neurologist, had repeatedly pointed out quality deficiencies at the hospital. Even an internal hazard report was filed in the summer of 2017. The doctors' accusation is that the neurology department lacks staff and is therefore no longer able to perform its tasks conscientiously.

After the clinic failed to respond to the criticism, the supervisory board and even the ministry of health were informed. Now it came therefore to the dismissal of the couple. The management accuses them of spreading untrue statements and thus damaging the hospital. An expert opinion commissioned by the hospital was unable to establish any danger to the patients.

In the meantime, the drama at the hospital has also reached the public. Thousands of citizens support a petition for the construction of an epilepsy center. Since both physicians are experts in epilepsy, only "basic care" is still available in bayreuth the patients guaranteed. For treatment, however, those affected had to go to the university hospital in erlangen, which the supporters of the expert doctors consider unreasonable.

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