Insolvency administrator in frankfurt am main

Insolvency administrator in frankfurt am main

Commitment and experience distinguish us

Over 20 years of experience in insolvency administration and the handling of more than 2000 insolvency cases by our insolvency administrators are the foundation of our activity. We handle insolvency proceedings of all sizes, from sole proprietorships to publicly traded, international corporations. Our knowledge covers all branches, whether service provider, production company or trading company. One of our main areas of activity is the reorganization and restructuring of medium-sized companies.

Our highly qualified team with specialists in all types of insolvency proceedings handles insolvency proceedings at 12 district courts in the federal states of Hesse, Baden-Wurttemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate. Our centrally located office in Frankfurt am Main enables us to react quickly and to travel only a short distance to achieve optimal results in the continuation of insolvent companies. For on-site meetings, we also use our meeting rooms in Darmstadt and Mannheim.

Some of our employees have been with our firm for over 20 years. Many of our clerks have completed their training as office clerks or paralegals with us. Further training is always encouraged with us. Whether you are a lawyer or a certified legal economist, a specialist lawyer for labor law or the like. We support the further education of our employees financially and ideally. Our interaction with each other in the office is the basis for top performance in insolvency administration. We are very grateful that our staff has supported us for many years and brings their extensive experience to us every day.

Insolvency administrator in frankfurt am main

Remediation is our goal

We examine all possibilities to restructure insolvent companies permanently and to preserve the jobs of the employees. In addition to transferring reorganizations, we have experience in the preparation of insolvency plans since the introduction of the Insolvency Code.

Creditors trust. In the run-up to planned reorganizations under the ESUG, we are proposed by banks and institutional creditors as potential preliminary insolvency administrators and administrators of assets.

We know what we are doing

In addition to our work as insolvency administrators, we are regular speakers in the field of insolvency and reorganization law. We publish various textbooks and have specialized knowledge in special areas of bankruptcy law, such as the reorganization of hospitals and medical providers, such as doctors and pharmacists. Our specialist lawyers in insolvency law, tax law, labor law and commercial and corporate law work as a team. Completed specialist courses in banking and capital markets law and medical law expand our expertise. For more than 15 years, we have also been regularly appointed as receivers in numerous local courts. We also use our in-depth knowledge in the field of WEG and tenancy law in the area of insolvency administration.

As lawyers we also advise in all areas of insolvency and commercial law. One focus is on the liability of managing directors and board members as well as the right of avoidance. We provide legal services exclusively through our sister company Trebing& Bert Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH by.

We speak your language

We negotiate worldwide and in many languages. Our staff speaks and writes in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Bulgarian and Arabic. In many cases, it is the mother tongue. As a result, we achieve great success in international company sales and in the effective continuation of insolvent companies. Long-standing cooperation with foreign commercial law firms and auditing and tax consulting companies help us to enforce claims in foreign jurisdictions.

Insolvency administrator in frankfurt am main

State of the art

State-of-the-art communication tools are essential for effective and speedy work. We work in the field of insolvency with the software InsoMACS and the document management system WM Doku. This enables us to have worldwide access to all documents and data of an insolvency procedure, be it in the insolvent company or during negotiations overseas.

We love our profession

The work of an insolvency administrator is varied. Quick decisions on the ground alternate with intensive legal and economic analyses. Negotiating skills and empathy are just as necessary. We work with passion. And you notice that.

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