Helga siebert does amusement with the queen

Helga siebert does amusement with the queen

The queen is "not amused. Their train was late. "As is always the case with the railroads", she adds when she arrives in bad staffelstein on thursday afternoon from hamburg.

The queen is a cabaret artist in her civilian profession and calls herself helga siebert. The hanseatic singer makes her annual guest appearance in bad staffelstein with the last performance of her german tour ("derniere"). So also this year, in the year of her 30. Stage jubilee and the 15. Anniversary of their constantly updated cabaret program "ultimo, with which she regularly performs in hamburg on an old fire ship and in the culture palace.

The double jubilee is the reason why helga siebert has chosen the queen as her idol, for elizabeth II. Celebrated his 60th birthday last year. Throne jubilee, so she's been in the job even longer than helga siebert. Such discipline deserves respect. In the cabaret as on the throne. To such a performance belongs diligence. You are exposed, exposed to dangers, because someone always says at the throne. Helga siebert in the slightly nasal, blase tone of the queen: "my son charles wants to get my throne!" (my son charles wants to sit on my throne)!)

at the last performance of the 2012 tour helga siebert can look back: some royalists used to sing "god save the queen. She likes that. Thumbs up! She is in her element. Her amusement is limited, however, when she asks the audience why women have been oppressed for centuries, and the answer is always scrambled from some corner: "because it has been preserved."

No, to the "dirndlgate" a monarch does not care about rainer bruderle: "that's too silly." noblesse oblige – nobility obliges! As head of state, however, the queen is very much concerned about the sovereigns of other countries: "gauck as wulff's successor – that was swapping an inapt for a sleeping pill." hopefully this makeover will not lead to german-british diplomatic tangles…

Peer steinbruck and wolfgang kubicki show up as well as silvio berlusconi "this shrink-duce". But queen helga has only a few words for the new pope. Not because it lacks creativity, but because the "ultimo" is a great success-the program is simply a style-bleeding review of the past year – and at that time it was not foreseeable that daddy ratzi could no longer feel up to his office. No, the horse meat scandal is also brand new and therefore not yet viable; a food scandal was not foreseeable at all in 2012 and will therefore not happen either. Helga siebert cleverly handles the perennial euro crisis: "the catholic church was also able to contribute something to saving the euro." how she probably means that? Can the ring bag tax payers save cyprus?? Maybe we will find out next year, at the "ultimo 2013".

Let's hope that the people of staffelstein will sing a song to the queen and maybe even wave a little british flag.

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