From whimsical to romantic in unnersdorf

From whimsical to romantic in unnersdorf

With their penchant for the weird and whimsical, makkela's trash lounge and clark nova make it easy for the audience on saturday, 24. November, at the "zur linde" inn from 9 p.M. It will certainly not be easy to accompany them on their musical walk, which will last for several hours. At first, the road is quite arduous, but in the end it becomes easier and easier as the artists – especially in duets – become livelier and more cheerful, and at the same time, they often fall in line with the country idiom.

The two musicians also immerse the listeners in heartrending romance, like clark nova in the famous guy clarke cover "dublin blues, where the homesickness becomes tangible and many a listener hums along softly. His partner matti, like "makkela's trash lounge" heibt, who goes by the name of burger, is in top form solo on his omnichord, an electronic music device, when he plays the classic "lonesome town" in loud, larmoyant tones, makes an urgent ode to all lonely hearts, which no one in the audience can escape.

Crashing and achzend
First of all, the music lovers have to overcome the stony paths and rugged cliffs, which the two artists tread with sovereignty and passion. Matti's voice comes across as crashing and achzend, in addition to some rough, metallic sounding riffs from the electric guitar and bulky arrangements, in which, like a roller coaster, the loud and quiet tones alternate – this hectic, nervous sound is hard to digest for some people.

For he is so far removed from the traditional image of the songwriter who caresses the listeners with simple, tender and romantic wisdom while making them think. This is more in line with dear clark from berlin, who with his dark, husky timbre awakens memories of the "man in black", JOHNNY CASH. His music sounds calmer and more melancholic than the gruff chord progressions of his finnish friend.

The two performers not only let their music speak, but also turn out to be likeable storytellers, who have a penchant for black humor, bizarre characters as well as murder and manslaughter in their own compositions. They reveal themselves to be traveling sangers who love to travel in order to get one or two inspirations from their guest appearances. There are funny gentlemen in tails, a doomed lamb named caruso and a couple of lonely losers at the bar.

Bright mandolin tone
The listeners find it humorous and are surprised again and again by the poetic strangeness that comes next. When at the end the two musicians combine to a fabulous country-folk-duo, matti's lovely, bright mandolin tones meet clark's tenderly bitter melting guitar sounds, artist and audience get closer and closer, the artists almost don't want to leave the stage, to the delight of the fans.

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