Expert opinion on the floor decides on multipurpose hall

The council held a very lively debate on the construction of a multi-purpose hall for the municipal building yard in schneckenlohe at the first meeting after the summer break. It was decided not to put the cart before the horse and not to award any contracts until a soil survey had provided information about the condition of the site. There was also a discussion about the coarseness of the construction, whether it was necessary at all.

While mayor knut morgenroth (SPD) wanted to get the ball rolling right away this evening, some of the members of the committee expressed a completely different opinion. Gerhard sub (village community): "is it really necessary to build a completely new hall, or can we also use a barn or something similar to store the building yard equipment??" this question was already asked two years ago, gave the mayor the answer and said: "the topic is now so long through the council ghosts. We have already discussed that this does not make sense. We have to rebuild and it is time to finally make a decision."

Hall grobe discussed

He had brought five offers from four bidders and presented them to the committee. Regarding the size of the hall, he said: "we must also remember that we need a coarser roof surface for our photovoltaic system." in the end, however, the decision was made to wait for the soil expertise first.

The question was put to council member heiko bauer (CSU) as to how long it would take to get a result. His answer at the end of the debate triggered a liberating salvo of laughter: "if everyone grabs a shovel, we can start digging right away. Then we already know tonight what is the matter."

There will be a new water intake point for the cemetery in beikheim. Here it was decided to use a model in which the water supply is regulated by a hose. Argument for it: "the hose does not freeze on." the device, which allows water to be taken both from the tap and from the water storage tank, is expected to cost around 2737 euros.

Demolition and reconstruction works were carried out for the property "mitwitzer strabe 2" awarded in beikheim. This is where the new fire station is to be built. Three existing buildings have to be demolished and professionally removed, heiko bauer explained. In the summary, he spoke of the floor slab of the former residential building, which consists partly of concrete with a tiled surface and partly only of storage wood with a wooden floor. It forms the entrance to a volcano cellar from sandstones. In this is also the water connection with payer.

The second building is an agricultural barn with storage cellar and the third is a two-story annex with a pent roof. The electricity meter box and the main fuse are located here on the first floor. The jerk construction will be arranged with the responsible energy supplier.

Further announcements

Announcements of the mayor: "the police inspection kronach is looking for new blood for the safety guard. Who meets the requirements, which can gladly report to the police inspection kronach." he had also invited to a public discussion event for the older generation on the topic: "to be able to live well in our community even in old age"." it will take place on 18. September from 15 to 17.30 o'clock in the guardian house in kronach held. The mayor had even organized a bus for the occasion. Support the diaconia station in schmolz with a financial grant.

Three resolutions came out of the last, non-public meeting: knowledge of the purchase agreement on the acquisition of the present in mitwitzer strabe 2 at a purchase price of 38,500 euros. This is the building site for the new fire department building. The council also took note of the letter to mr. And mrs. Schmidt regarding the notarial reversal of the purchase contract for the property at steinweg 6. The costs of cleaning and painting work on the beikheim cemetery hall, amounting to around 10,855 euros, were also approved. This is the final invoice of the eckert company from oberlangenstadt. 

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