Dune: 10 unpopular opinions about jason momoa as duncan idaho

Dune: 10 unpopular opinions about jason momoa as duncan idaho

Viewers have waited over a year for Dune to come to theaters and finally the event is here. Denis Villeneuve's interpretation of Frank Herbert's epic science fiction tale has far exceeded expectations Dune Part 2o has already been green lit. Many hope this means Oscar nominations for the cast.

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But some opinions of dune are more ambiguous. Jason Momoa's representation of Duncan Idaho has led to some discussion. Many fans appreciated Momoa's interpretation of the protector of the House of Atreides and the heartfelt scene when he said goodbye to Paul. But there are those whose opinion of Jason Momoa's performance is unpopular.

10 He should have played Gurney instead

Dune: 10 unpopular opinions about jason momoa as duncan idaho

Jason Momoa exudes charisma in his roles, but some fans don't appreciate it. "I think he physically fits a good description of Duncan. I think they really played his role and added a comedic effect to it, which is not really in the" dune universe," says fresh_silk. This commentator believes Duncan was made funnier to appeal to a mass audience.

In a cinema experience, most viewers need sources of levity. And though Duncan makes a joke or two, the film is largely full of off-putting material. While Duncan makes a few jokes, that's only a fraction of the story. Most of Duncan's storyline is trying to save House Atreides and keep it from going under.

8 It continues to play the same character

Dune: 10 unpopular opinions about jason momoa as duncan idaho

As far as fight sequences go, Momoa has it in the bag. Made it big as a Dothraki Khal Drogo, and with little dialogue. But that ability does little to appease fans who want to see something with more depth. "He's just another actor playing the same character as Chris Pratt," says this redditor.

Fans think Momoa is falling into the trap of playing similar characters. He has portrayed strong characters who are loners like in Game of Thrones and Aquaman. But that is not all it does. He's portrayed characters with hearts searching for their own, as in Netflix's Sweet Girl. Duncan is also more nuanced. He is wiser than he seems, and has one of the best quotes in dune.

7 Audience only likes the performance because he is Jason Momoa

Dune: 10 unpopular opinions about jason momoa as duncan idaho

If you want to attract the audience Dune, one thing that is important is fan appeal. Some fans think that this is his only merit. "It is Jason Momoa. Of course, it's one of the hottest things in Hollywood. People would love him no matter what he played. Duncan's presentation was simply 'ok. Not good. Not bad. It was a waterman with a sword instead of a trident on a planet with no oceans," says cjlacz on Reddit.

Both Arthur Curry and Duncan Idaho have their heroic moments. But they are moved by different motivations. Duncan is governed by duty and honor. Arthur's humor far outweighs Duncan's. Momoa showed nuance between these two characters. Ducan shows genuine grief during the slaughter of the Harkonnens. This is a deep role not often seen in Momoa's repertoire.

6 Gurney and Duncan should have been combined

Dune: 10 unpopular opinions about jason momoa as duncan idaho

Gurney disappears after charging the Harkonnens. With Duncan appearing more in the film, some think the characters should have been combined. "I almost think that Gurney and Duncan could have been combined. Duncan outshone Gurney and got a lot more screen time, and he had almost no reason to exist in the movie," says Gunmeta1.

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This would be seen as disrespectful to many fans. Gurney Halleck and Duncan Idaho are both beloved characters from the books that Paul cares about for many reasons. They serve different needs. While Gurney doesn't appear often in the first film, he becomes much more important later and is needed.

5 He doesn't live up to the book description

Dune: 10 unpopular opinions about jason momoa as duncan idaho

Many fans watch the movie version of . to DunI have read the books. The similarities and differences are closely observed by viewers. "All the casting choices are great … except Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho. Doesn't sit right, Idaho is not supposed to have black curly hair and be slim/agile?", asks howitdobiglyboo per Reddit.

Many unpopular opinions on Dune consider Momoa miscast. Momoa's physique does not fit this description. Even though his hair is not strictly curly, this does not diminish his fighting ability. Duncan excels in his ability to protect House Atreides. He doesn't have to be slim for that.

4 His performance is not nuanced

Dune: 10 unpopular opinions about jason momoa as duncan idaho

Duncan Idaho doesn't just miss the mark aesthetically. He is also very different from the books because of his personality. "Duncan Idaho is one of the most complex and multifaceted characters in the novels," says KaleoBlue. "I felt that his performance and interpretation of the character was almost as one-dimensional as a cross between his Baywatch character and Khal Drogo…"

Dune part one is the best Dune adaptation for many reasons. Momoa's acting is important in moving the plot forward. After the Atreides house falls, Duncan is given one of the most emotional scenes. Momoa shows devastation that he failed to protect his charges, but added restraint in the search for Liet Kynes. The second half of the film doesn't work without Duncan's emotional turn.

3 Some lines of dialogue are frighteningly dignified

Dune: 10 unpopular opinions about jason momoa as duncan idaho

Duncan is present to inject humor into a dark storyline. But this Reddit user doesn't think the banter felt authentic. "There were a few moments of dialogue that made me downright cringe … like Duncan Idaho making a lame joke about the size of Paul's muscles," this redditor posts.

Humor is important when viewers see a whole new world of lore. Duncan's scene with Paul should not only be humorous but also introduce characters. Paul is not supposed to be in ideal fighting shape, the opposite of someone who will one day lead a planet. Duncan's wit should also make this clear. It works on many different levels of storytelling.

2 Better actors make him look worse

Dune: 10 unpopular opinions about jason momoa as duncan idaho

Jason Momoa main scene partner is Timothee Chalamet. Chalamet has had varied work, including Ladybird and The French Dispatch. One unpopular opinion about Timothee Chalamet is that he is overexposed, but many accept his actions as impeccable. Some fans think that acting against accomplished actors makes Momoa's acting look worse in comparison. "My biggest complaint by far is Duncan. Maybe Jason Momoa isn't a great actor, or maybe his terrible performance was amplified by the other great actors/actresses around him," says redditor Pithius.

Duncan is integral to the rescue of Lady Jessica and Paul. Duncan's conviction and devotion to the family must be believable for the film to work. Duncan creates a devastating scene when he sacrifices himself to the Sardaukar to save the rest of the family. His acting ensures that the audience feels that loss along with Paul.

1 It doesn't have the range

Dune: 10 unpopular opinions about jason momoa as duncan idaho

For some fans, it just boils down to bad acting. Some believe the actor doesn't have what it takes to pull off the role. "He's been at least equal in everything I've seen him in – Stargate Atlantis, GoT, Aquaman, See. 'He doesn't have much range, but that doesn't mean he's terrible,' says commenter jdl_uk.

Momoa gets a lot of screen time in dune for a reason. He is instrumental in bringing Liet Kynes over to the side of House Atreides. He shows genuine grief as well as fighting style. Duncan is the emotional heart of the house. For the film, Momoa makes his range work.

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