Distance learning in austria – as a woman at work to the mba title

In order to be successful in your job and to have good chances for promotion, it is important to constantly educate yourself and to be open to new things. The better the training and the more practical experience, the better the prospects for a rewarding career. Once you have a good job, you should not rest on your laurels. Continuous training and a high level of commitment ensure that you keep it and that you are a sought-after employee. Many women choose to study while working for this reason. The best option, because it is the most flexible in terms of time and location, is distance learning. Here you can find out what distance learning options are available in Austria and how this training option works.

How does a distance learning MBA work?

As the name already suggests, you study remotely, d.h. the university or educational institution awarding the MBA title is not located near the students. It is not a study with compulsory attendance, there are no classical lectures and seminars. Instead, the study materials are regularly sent to the students by mail, and the Internet is also an important communication platform here. The documents are worked through in self-study.

How do I get my MBA degree??

Of course, there are also regular checks to see whether the student has mastered the subject matter and has earned the title MBA. This is done in several ways, namely by means of:

  • Term papers: Just like seminar papers, they are submitted by the student to the lecturer or. submitted to the lecturer. In the paper, a topic selected in consultation with the teacher is discussed on the basis of the theory acquired. The paper will be graded and will be included in the grade at the end of the semester. term papers are a compulsory part on the way to the MBA.
  • Exams: It is not possible to take part in an exam from home, but it takes place under supervision. The written exam can be taken either at the university itself or at a participating study center, z. B. in Vienna, Salzburg or Linz, are put down. In the age of the Internet, some universities already offer the possibility of taking notes by means of webcam control, but this is still the exception.
  • Oral examination: Also for the oral examinations the student must to the university and/or. come to a study center, unless testing via webcam is offered.
  • The final thesis: At the end of every course of study is the final thesis, and it is no different with distance learning. As with term papers, the student works out a specific topic and then submits the paper to her supervisor. Finally, they must prove that they have solved the problem independently and are able to apply the theory they have learned in practice.
Distance learning in austria - as a woman at work to the mba title

The MBA title can also be obtained in Austria by distance learning.

In addition to these compulsory papers and examinations, which together form the basis for grading, there is also a voluntary part, which should definitely be taken up for a successful study and a good degree. At the end of each course, control tasks and exercises are offered, which are not obligatory and therefore do not count towards the grade.

For the students, however, they are a welcome opportunity to test their own skills and to determine whether the subject matter has been correctly understood. These exercises serve as self-control and – like homework in school – help to consolidate knowledge and improve the ability to apply it in practice.

A student life of a special kind

If you are aiming for an MBA degree while working via distance learning, there is of course not much time left for the typical student life. There is no such thing in a distance learning program anyway. You won't have to do group work or give presentations, but you won't have much contact with other students, so the social aspect is lost.

However, you are not alone if you have questions or problems. The student affairs and advising offices of the university where you are studying remotely are available to you just as they are to all other enrolled students.

In addition, distance learning usually includes an online campus. You can use the Internet to exchange information with fellow students about your studies, ask questions and arrange meetings. Teachers are also represented on campus and can be contacted directly in case of problems. Many distance learning courses use podcasts and webcams to broadcast lectures live, making you feel like you're in a lecture hall.

Where can I study at a distance in Austria??

Austria, some universities and colleges offer distance learning in addition to the normal study program. In addition, there are many private educational institutions that specialize in distance learning and offer a wide variety of study programs throughout Europe. Popular training centers in Austria are z. B.:

  • FernUniversitat Hagen or. the Center for Distance Learning Austria,
  • SME Academy
  • IUBH
  • Module University Vienna
  • MC – Management Center Innsbruck

Especially in the fields of social sciences and economics, there is a very diverse range of part-time courses leading to an academic degree.

However, a distance learning course does not necessarily have to be completed in one's own home country. There are many interesting, Europe-wide as well as international study opportunities that can be taken up from home. Many top universities offer distance learning, but keep in mind that you will also need to be on site regularly for exams and thesis meetings. If even oceans must be crossed for it, that is a quite time-consuming and above all expensive affair, which wants to be well considered. The further away the university is, the more difficult it will be to combine studying with work, as you will have to take many days off to travel there.

Who may start a distance learning program?

In principle, anyone may start a distance learning program who would also be admitted to a traditional university, d.h. People with a Matura, Berufsreifeprufung or Studienberechtigungsprufung (university entrance qualification examination). For some fields of study, you have to take an entrance test, as special knowledge is expected before you start studying. In some cases, professional experience is also required.

How long does it take to complete your studies

Distance learning in austria - as a woman at work to the mba title

Complete the preparation for the exams online

Distance learning is admittedly not suitable for everyone. To get ahead in your studies, you need a lot of discipline and stamina. Gladly is forgotten with beautiful weather the study, if one does not have desire, one is not urged by an attendance obligation to the participation.

Therefore, if you decide to study by distance learning, you have to be sure that your own discipline is drive enough. In order to guarantee progress in your studies, you should therefore set yourself fixed times each week for your study units and stick to them, regardless of whether the sun is shining outside or you don't really feel like it. What sounds quite easy in theory can be quite hard in practice.

You must keep in mind that if you are lax, you will only be wasting your own time and also your money. Therefore, set yourself regular, small goals and reward yourself for achieving them, z. B. with a day off from studying or a small amount of money that goes into your vacation fund.

In addition to ambition, time is also a big factor that many fail at. If you decide to study while working, you have to be aware that there is hardly any room left for leisure activities during the study period. Per week, approx. 20 hours must be scheduled for study in addition to regular working hours. It can be quite a physical and mental strain, a lot of stamina is required.

How do I finance my studies?

There are several ways to finance your studies while working. The first point of contact should be the employer. Many welcome external training and are happy to support it financially, especially as the costs are tax deductible for the employer.

Government grants can also be applied for. The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber offers a helpful database for this purpose, in which the various subsidy agencies are listed for each federal province. The AMS also offers an attractive support program especially for working women.

If you decide to reduce working hours in favor of distance learning, you can bridge the resulting financial gap with an educational loan, which usually offers very fair conditions.

The most convenient solution is of course a scholarship. Many different foundations and institutions offer special scholarships for professionals, and there are also special grants for women.

Many students take educational leave in agreement with the employer in the last year, when the final thesis takes up a lot of time. Between 3 and 12 months of sabbatical are possible. In Austria, you don't receive a salary for this period, but you do receive a continuing education allowance of 15 euros per day. The sabbatical works in a similar way. Either you take compensatory time off and reduce overtime, or you forgo a certain percentage of your salary while working for a set period of time and then get paid during the time off. The prerequisite for this, however, is that you have already worked for the company for at least one year.

Studying pays off – a career with a distance learning program

Even though it can be an enormous physical and psychological strain to study and obtain an academic title while working, it is worth the effort. One has not only better chances of promotion in the current job, but also better job opportunities in general. While many graduates are left without a job, you have the advantage of having both – a job and a special education. The fact that you have been able to combine work and distance learning is a testament to strong ambition, good organizational skills and, of course, intelligence. This guarantees that you will be in great demand on the job market!

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