Discover the dream destination dubai: emigrate to the new land of unlimited opportunities

For those who are tired of the dreary German weather conditions, emigration to faraway places such as Dubai may seem tempting. Not only the eternal summer beckons, but also the tax freedom. Numerous Germans are now drawn to Dubai to spend their vacations, work or enjoy their retirement there.

Discover the dream destination dubai: emigrate to the new land of unlimited opportunities

Dubai – a global melting pot full of diversity.

In many people's minds, Dubai is seen as the epitome of wealth and luxury. We are thinking of imposing skyscrapers such as the Burj Khalifa, dreamlike hotel complexes and countless shopping and leisure opportunities. This is precisely why Dubai is a sought-after destination for tourists and immigrants alike. The attraction of a new experience in a never sleeping metropolis is irresistible. In fact, over 90% of the population are expats.

Why do people move to Dubai?

In 2021, 1.513 Germans for emigration to the United Arab Emirates. There are many reasons for moving to Dubai: professional opportunities, the desire to live in a vibrant metropolis, 360 days of sunshine a year, or even tax advantages.

What about taxes in Dubai?

Do residents in Dubai really not have to pay income tax? Yes – wages, salaries and income earned by influencers, digital nomads or international business people in Dubai, for example, are tax-free. This is a great incentive for people from high tax countries like Germany. Pensions, inheritances, gifts and capital gains are also not subject to taxation. However, caution is advised when reselling real estate – taxes apply here. Nevertheless, there is no reason to worry: Dubai's commonly known value-added tax is just 5%, compared to 19% in Germany.

Things to know about Dubai before you move:

In Dubai, people are extremely friendly and accommodating. Exploring a foreign country can be fun and exciting, but it can also involve unfamiliar circumstances. Dubai is a traditional and at the same time very cosmopolitan city. As long as one respects the culture and is informed about it, the coexistence of different cultures is problem-free. With over 90% of the population coming from all over the world, Dubai is a place of coming together.

Are there any restrictions for expats in Dubai?

In Dubai there are few rules that restrict the daily life of so-called expats. The frequently asked questions like: Are women allowed to drive a car? Do women have to wear a hijab? Can be answered directly with a clear no. It is also possible for single women or unmarried couples to emigrate to Dubai with their children without any restrictions. Nevertheless, it is advisable to dress more covered, for example in government buildings, both as a woman and as a man. Most importantly, be aware of cultural norms and do not show exuberant affection in public, such as kissing, as this is not looked upon favorably by the locals. This does not change the fact that Dubai is a welcoming city where all cultures live together peacefully. People treat each other with respect.

Dubai climate:

Dubai is known for its hot and dry desert climate. Summer temperatures can reach 40°C during the day, and at night it's not uncommon for the thermometer to rise above 30°C. However, this climate has the advantage that the water of the Persian Gulf is between 22 and 32 °C warm. Ideal conditions for a day at the beach. The hottest months are July and August. In the winter season (November to April) the weather in Dubai is very pleasant. The humidity is much lower than in tropical regions such as Southeast Asia.

What is the cost of living in Dubai?

When emigrating to Dubai, you should plan your budget accordingly. Depending on what the purpose of the move is, consider expenses such as visas, bank accounts, health/pension insurance, and the costs associated with setting up a business in Dubai. The cost of living is similar to that in Germany. Depending on the standard of living, rent is comparable to major German cities such as Hamburg or Munich, while electrical appliances, cars and gasoline are cheaper. Choosing regional products can save money; however, choosing German products can be more expensive due to importation.

A residence visa is required to stay permanently in Dubai. This permission can be obtained in three different ways:

  • Obtaining a job in a Dubai-based company
  • Owning a property worth 750.000 AED or more, in addition to a regular income
  • Establish a company in Dubai or invest in a company under the Investors Visa Program.

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Conclusion on living in Dubai:

Who emigrates to Dubai, can not only realize his dreams, but also increase his quality of life. There are countless recreational opportunities, excellent restaurants and gorgeous beaches for a relaxed life.

Overall, Dubai is a fascinating city that offers unique opportunities and experiences. With the right attitude and preparation, emigrating to Dubai can be an exciting and enriching adventure that will positively impact your life in many ways

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