Costs of the will, which should be expected

There are a few ways to write a will. If you want to consult a lawyer or a notary to write a will, this of course causes costs. Lawyers and notaries require certain, fixed fees according to the so-called fee schedule. However, it can still be worthwhile to go this route, because the will should be executed according to your wishes. Depending on the assets, this can be an important documentation that requires good advice. In this case, the costs of the will certainly play a subordinate role. If you consider that inheritance disputes before the court are much more expensive and also destroy the family peace, you can safely neglect the costs for the preparation of the will. In addition, you will receive legally sound advice, provided that the advisor is knowledgeable in this area of expertise.

Costs of the will, which should be expected

Costs will handwritten

The private, handwritten will can be made at home free of charge. In the case of large estates, however, it would be advisable to consult a lawyer or notary as well as a tax advisor to determine the follow-up costs for the will. Inheritance tax also plays a not inconsiderable role in the choice of the form of will and the costs.

Costs for a notarial will

The cost of the notarized will depends on the value of the inheritance at the time the will is recorded. The notary has a fixed cost for this. So the larger the assets to be inherited, the higher will be the cost of the notary for the will. Both spouses or registered partners declare their will to the notary public. After the facts are established, the notary will tell you the cost of this will.

Costs of a will example

The married couple Meier has the desire to have a notarial will written. You have joint assets in the amount of 250.000,00 €. According to the fee schedule it is fixed 20/10 fees for the will, this would be currently (2009) 864 €. The additional fee for the deposit costs in this inheritance case on 108 €. The gross – total sum for this notarial example will is therefore 1.156,68 €.
If you intend to draw up a Berlin will, then one of the spouses would become sole heir to half the assets in each case. So the calculated fee schedule is based on half of the asset value, the other already belongs to the heir.

Costs of depositing a will

You can have your will safely stored at the local court. If the finder of the will does not like the contents, he or she can quickly make it disappear and the legal succession takes effect. The deposit of the will at the competent district court, on the other hand, costs 50.000 € approx. 33 €. You can calculate the remaining values accordingly.

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