Coarse voices at the musical gala in rottenbach

coarse voices at the musical gala in rottenbach

"I'll take her home with me", said the five year old emil, quite self-confident vampire offspring from the audience, about lisa-marie holzmann. Quite a few visitors in the auditorium were happy to do the same. But the young lady from rottenbach was already at home. The gala evening, a great mix of immortal songs and world-famous hits from musicals and operettas, was practically a home game for the 16-year-old. A grandiose one at that. The live singing and the strong voices of the soloists ignited storms of enthusiasm in the audience.

The music gala presented by armin stockl was exactly what the 350 or so visitors to the lohmuhlhalle in rottenbach had expected: a fantastic show with grobby voices and the most popular melodies in music literature. Stockl, winner of important music awards, has gained experience on many concert tours within europe and even overseas. With enchanting melodies, which led to dreams, he carried his audience away into another world – romantic and far away from the grey everyday life.

Comfortable creeps
That already started with "come zigan from the "grafin mariza. The magic and the vastness of the puszta resonated in the melancholy of his voice. As a bloodthirsty night figure in the "dance of the vampires spread stockl pleasant creeps. But not so seriously that he couldn't make a joke about the dentures.

In addition to his expressive voice, the charm and wit of the singer, who is also known as a TV presenter, probably contributed to his success. He does not shy away from contact with the audience. Rottenbach's burgermeister ludwig wahl () he hulled in his black coat as the clumsy ober leopold from "weiben rossl he gave away red roses to ladies in the front row.

Lisa marie holzmann proved to the last bite that she is a match for sarah from the successful vampire musical. The trained singer has been a regular cast member of the musical and operetta gala for a year now and has shown herself to be extremely versatile not only as a singer but also as an actress. On the stage she could be seen in many roles, among others as sissi. Or fairy-tale-like in a snowy cloak with the famous cinderella melody.

Stage professional jennifer eder whirled spiritedly and sovereign over the stage. With "dancing i liked" from "csardasfurstin or "i danced tonight" from "my fair lady she drove the audience to storms of applause. Her bell-clean radiant soprano filled the hall. Even a loud crash in the sound system did not throw her off track.

Professional, that also became clear in "memory, the absolute hit from "cats, one of the most successful musicals of all time. Although there was not enough time for her to slip into the right costume: all you had to do was close your eyes and see the cat grizabella roaming around the mullplatz at night.

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