An insight into being an entrepreneur

Be your own boss and change the world with your ideas: The dream of a start-up is and remains a dream for many. However, this does not have to be the case. Benjamin Vidas, co-founder of the education start-up "eduwo", talks about his experiences and gives valuable tips.

You founded eduwo while still in college. What prompted you to found a startup so young?

I have always felt the need to start something myself, if everything fits. For a successful start-up, you need the right co-founders, the right timing and also a sensible idea. During my studies the right time came for me, because I met the right co-founders and together we came up with an exciting idea. We saw our opportunity and seized it.

Divorce by mutual consent: info & useful tips

Divorce is not a pleasant experience. But it is sometimes the best solution for estranged spouses. Especially if no single strategy for conflict resolution has been successful. Before both spouses unhappily cling to the broken bond of marriage, it is advisable to divorce by mutual consent and go new ways with a view to the future. Here you can find out how much an amicable divorce costs in Austria, what you should be prepared for and where you can find competent divorce lawyers in Vienna.

The majestic Burj Khalifa, which gives a new definition to the term skyscraper, the posh Burj al Arab hotel with its famous sail and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, which shapes itself into a perfect surfing wave -Dubai inspires with its architecture.

Family destination dubai: playground with lots of glitter

The Jumeirah Beach Hotel looks like a wave

Corporate culture for start-ups: 6 tips for practical implementation

Arguably, every startup wants a corporate culture that allows everyone on the team to feel comfortable and thrive. But how do you implement successful external and internal communication on a day-to-day basis, within which you live the values your start-up stands for?? Founders and studies reveal it. There are many articles with theoretical tips for establishing a corporate culture. But what can you do concretely and in your everyday life to cultivate this culture?? Four successful entrepreneurs tell you. Being able to rely on each other and stick together – what sounds so banal for the corporate culture is actually a daily challenge. 

#1 Appreciate each individual

If there is no criticism, praise is enough.

Nfts in austria: legal tips when tokenizing

Here is a first overview of how NFTS are to be legally classified in Austria, and what legal issues need to be considered. This EY Law article by Martin Hanzl can of course not replace individual legal advice .

When the employer and the employee part ways, this often happens via ordinary notice of termination. In this case, the employment relationship is terminated by one of the two parties – and the period of notice is observed in the process. Both the employer and the employee can thus issue an ordinary notice of termination. However, different conditions apply to both sides.

Ordinary termination: tips for employees

Ordinary termination: What is it anyway?

Ordinary dismissal can be given by both the employer and the employee. The ordinary termination is – like the other forms of termination – a unilateral declaration of intent. This means that the other party does not have to agree to the termination. It is sufficient that the notice is received by the other party.

Be sure to keep these seven points in mind when job hunting

Many people identify themselves through their job and place a high value on it. But for those who are unhappy in their jobs, unemployed or unable to work, this easily plunges them into an identity crisis. The fact that you also have to fight with existential fears is also not left out.

The employment agency or job center then proves to be a worthwhile point of contact and provides a modern platform for job searches with the job exchange.

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Oh how beautiful is Costa Rica . we think as we cross the border of Nicaragua in relative comfort and see the many green tree-covered mountain slopes. The journey runs along the chain of volcanoes to San Jose and proceeds swiftly. The Cordillera Central is shrouded in clouds.

Company cars serve as a signboard for the company. It is therefore important that the company vehicles are always in a well-maintained condition. To achieve this, regular visits to the car wash or car wash as well as careful interior cleaning of the vehicle are necessary.

To find out who is responsible for cleaning and whether it is working time, click here.

Divorce is imminent - 5 tips for you

Your relationship is coming to an end, despite attempts to manage the crisis, and you decide – it's not working anymore. Divorce raises many questions for you, but also fears.