Real estate agent training courses can be considered as basic qualifications for real estate agents on the one hand, but on the other hand they are also training courses for real estate agents who want to fulfill their training obligation and also want to learn more.

This is therefore a very complex topic, which must first be dealt with intensively. Here you will find further information and can get a first impression independent of the provider. Thus at least a beginning is made, which often gives the starting signal for a promising career in the real estate industry.

One should ask oneself what the goal of the investment is?

And how much risk one is willing to take?

Real estate market / real estate news: Whether emigrant families, entrepreneurs and employees who spend a lot of time abroad or the retiree with his vacation property in Mallorca – when it comes to inheritance, the requirements of the EU Inheritance Regulation must be observed. Because if one lives outside Germany in Europe for a longer period of time, the inheritance law of the respective country applies in the event of death. And this often deviates very strongly from German law.

This can have serious consequences for the testator's entire estate, because foreign countries have different inheritance law regulations that differ substantially from German inheritance law u.a. be able to distinguish between legal succession, compulsory portion claims, gifts or usufruct rules. To counteract this, it is advisable to seek the advice of an independent estate planner at an early stage, such as the Certified Foundation and Estate Planners (CFEP® certificate holders) certified by the FPSB Germany, and to document the issue of choice of law in the will. They can help with holistic estate and wealth planning.

Not all parties are always satisfied after a will has been probated. If you do not wish to accept the testator's testamentary dispositions, you can contest his will and declare it invalid. The prerequisite for this is that certain grounds for contestation are present.

  • Every heir has the right to contest a will if they can benefit from it.
  • Contestation is only possible when the will comes into effect as a result of the testator's death.
  • The prerequisite for contesting a will is the existence of a ground for contestation.

Why is a will contested?

Under German inheritance law, a last will and testament can contain almost any dispositions. In his will or inheritance contract, the testator can freely administer his estate, suspend legacies, attach conditions to the inheritance and appoint or disinherit heirs at will.

How best to negotiate cosmetic repairs in the lease agreement? For example, repairs and painting work to be done by the tenant?

Cosmetic repairs in the lease

I share the tips from a landlord-tenant lawyer in this video. What is the best way to hand over the apartment? Does it have to be renovated or painted?

Grantor retained annuity trusts: what you need to know

So you're not familiar with Grantor Retirement Trusts, better known as GRATs? This may not be a bad thing, considering that this speculative estate planning tool has a questionable future – at least as it currently exists. In any case, financial advisors who guide their clients to GRATs should do so carefully and only with clients who have the appropriate assets.

How they work

In short, GRATs are irrevocable trusts that wealthy individuals (donors) shift substantial sums of money to family members while avoiding traditional estate and gift tax liabilities, both of which are currently at 40%. And as the name suggests, the concessionaire, usually a family man, retains the right to collect annual annuity payments for a certain number of years, then any remaining assets in the GRAT are distributed to beneficiaries of the lender's choice. (For more information, see: Estate Planning Tips for Financial Advisors .)

With the commitment of the entrepreneur Benjamin Mitsch, System Immobilie GmbH has not only secured the services of a man with a great deal of experience in the development of real estate, but with this cooperation has also ensured that the subject of real estate as a retirement provision is once again becoming interesting for the average consumer.

Real estate market in Germany to be revolutionized

The system real estate GmbH would like to set an exclamation mark and lend new gloss to the German real estate market with innovative concepts and projects. One aspect here concerns the investor, who can participate with only 200 euro per month in new building projects, which yield a lasting net yield in further consequence, since on the one hand the renovation expenditure turns out by far smaller over the entire investment period and on the other hand promotions can be used, in order to obtain additional net yields. For a long-term investment success is naturally also the tenant clientele responsible, which looks completely different with new buildings than with other real estates.