Contrary to what you might think, modern style is not young at all. Its history goes back to the middle of the 20th century. The mobile service dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century and has enjoyed unbroken popularity ever since. Many of the designs and solutions created back then became iconic and still look fresh and stylish decades later. If we are fans of timeless elegance, chic and simplicity, we are made to live in spaces decorated in modern style!

Modern style, or: the triumph of noble simplicity

Frankfurt book fair opens: a place for discourse and togetherness

The 74. Frankfurt Book Fair could become more political than in a long time in view of the Ukraine war. President Steinmeier acknowledged the important role of books, but also warned against "mendacious" writings. A royal visit from Spain.

With speeches by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Spain's King Felipe VI. the Frankfurt Book Fair has opened. Spain presents itself this year as guest of honor at the fair.

Storms and severe storms are occurring more and more frequently. Do you have to go to work when there is a storm or storm warning?? We answer the most important questions about employment law.

These are the rights employees have in the event of a storm or inclement weather

1. Do I have to go to work during a storm or inclement weather??

Employee must appear

Theoretically, the employee must show up for work even if there is a thunderstorm.

The best business hotels in london

The density of luxurious business hotels is particularly high in the British metropolis. After all, the city of millions is the hub for business travelers in the UK. It's not easy to find the best business hotels in London. We tried anyway. Don't nail us on this, but these are the editors' favorite London business hotels…

The best business hotels in london

The country's politics are officially determined by a parliamentary, democratically elected government, but unofficially the country has been reacted to by the People's Action Party (PAP) since independence in 1959. For many years, their history was determined by Lee Kuan Yew. Opposition members also criticize Singapore as a "one-party state" and the PAP is repeatedly accused of censorship and the unjustified persecution of opposition members.

On the other hand, the country can boast of being the least corrupt in Asia and, according to Transparency International, is among the ten "cleanest" countries in the world. This may also be related to the earning potential here: The island nation's ministers treated themselves to a 60% salary increase in 2007 and are now the highest-paid politicians in the world. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong alone cuts the equivalent of nearly 750.000 euros and lets Angela Merkel& Co. turn green with envy.

Spataussiedler procedure: not german enough?

In May 2022, Tatarstan-born Igor Sukharev received a refusal from the Federal Administrative Office (BVA), which denied him the status of a late repatriate. In the statement of reasons the word "counter-confession" appeared and the distrust of the submitted documents was expressed. Igor is one of thousands of Russian Germans whose applications were rejected in 2022. We do not have the BVA's exact annual statistics for cancellations.

"I was very surprised by the rejection," recalls Igor Sukharev, who holds a doctorate in economics. "I meet all the requirements of the Federal Displaced Persons Act, speak excellent German. In this language my grandmother Aurelia Braun communicated with me. She introduced me to German culture. We lived in the same apartment until she died. I was 15 then."

The prequels of "the sopranos": these are the cinema highlights of the week

Michael Gandolfini plays the role of his late father James Gandolfini as a young man in "The Many Saints of Newark" he embodies the young Tony Soprano.
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The prequels of "the sopranos": these are the cinema highlights of the week

"The Many Saints of Newark, "Heroes of Probability and "Schachnovelle": These are the theatrical releases on 23. September.

Insolvency administrator in frankfurt am main

Commitment and experience distinguish us

Over 20 years of experience in insolvency administration and the handling of more than 2000 insolvency cases by our insolvency administrators are the foundation of our activity. We handle insolvency proceedings of all sizes, from sole proprietorships to publicly traded, international corporations. Our knowledge covers all branches, whether service provider, production company or trading company. One of our main areas of activity is the reorganization and restructuring of medium-sized companies.

Our highly qualified team with specialists in all types of insolvency proceedings handles insolvency proceedings at 12 district courts in the federal states of Hesse, Baden-Wurttemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate. Our centrally located office in Frankfurt am Main enables us to react quickly and to travel only a short distance to achieve optimal results in the continuation of insolvent companies. For on-site meetings, we also use our meeting rooms in Darmstadt and Mannheim.