forchheim district: 20 women firefighters lend a hand here

For many decades, the fire department was classically regarded as a man's woman. That is slowly but surely changing. Because more and more women are interested in the activity. 20 women are now active in langensendelbach. For 20 years, she has supported her male colleagues on missions. "In january 1999", we founded a women's team with 20 women, all of whom are still active today," says district fire chief and commander willibald hofmann. The women made sure that the proportion of women in the langensendelbach fire department is now 20 percent." before there were no active women firefighters in langensendelbach, female commandant hofmann.

The "girlish" thing take off

You have to put the "girlish in the corner", if you want to be accepted as a woman in the fire department, says claudia muller. "You have to show that you want to do it and that you are highly motivated", adds andrea wagner "because we are no puppets, we stay relaxed, we are ambitious, we know what we are doing, we get down and dirty without crying." andrea wagner remembers the time when she decided to join the fire department: "at first i wanted to take a look at it all, but that has now turned into 20 years. I appreciate the community in the fire department, but I still get limelight fever and get excited when the siren goes off." women complete training as firefighters together. In 2011 they successfully passed the bronze performance test. In 2012, the women's team in the highest group achieved the red-gold performance badge. This has allowed them to participate in missions.

Coalition passes childcare allowance

The coalition wants to pay parents who organize the care of their infants themselves and do not use a state-required daycare center or nanny, from january 2013, a care allowance of initially 100 euros per month. From 2014, the amount for two- and three-year-old children is to be increased to 150 euros.

The coalition factions want to introduce the law, which is also controversial internally, as early as 29 august 2013. June in the bundestag to be finalized. This is the last session before the summer recess. Further disputes are expected in the bundestag and bundesrat.

Venezuela: bloodbath after prison mutiny

Several media reported unanimously that 54 people died and more than 80 were injured in the detention center in uribana (state of lara). Vice-president nicolas maduro spoke of a "tragic mix-up" and announced an investigation. The militars wanted to search the prison to confiscate smuggled-in weapons and to end power struggles between rival gangs.

The deployment of the soldiers began on friday at 07.00 o'clock in the morning. According to the minister, iris varela, the action was taken in response to information about disputes between gangs. "Due to violent incidents in the prison of uribana, a search became necessary to completely disarm the inmates of the detention center," it said in a statement. When the national guard began the operation, it was attacked by the leaders of the gangs.

coarse voices at the musical gala in rottenbach

"I'll take her home with me", said the five year old emil, quite self-confident vampire offspring from the audience, about lisa-marie holzmann. Quite a few visitors in the auditorium were happy to do the same. But the young lady from rottenbach was already at home. The gala evening, a great mix of immortal songs and world-famous hits from musicals and operettas, was practically a home game for the 16-year-old. A grandiose one at that. The live singing and the strong voices of the soloists ignited storms of enthusiasm in the audience.

The music gala presented by armin stockl was exactly what the 350 or so visitors to the lohmuhlhalle in rottenbach had expected: a fantastic show with grobby voices and the most popular melodies in music literature. Stockl, winner of important music awards, has gained experience on many concert tours within europe and even overseas. With enchanting melodies, which led to dreams, he carried his audience away into another world – romantic and far away from the grey everyday life.

Number of operations rises and rises

Patients' expectations have grown "unbelievably" in recent years, the chairman of the committee, josef hecken, told the berliner zeitung.

Lack of quality at bayreuth hospital? - two doctors criticized and dismissed

Bayreuth clinical center is in turmoil. After a dispute between two senior physicians and the management, the "arztezeitung" published a report on the incident now details of what happened in the hospital.

Announcement at bayreuth clinical center

The doctor couple, a pediatrician and neuropadiologist, and a neurologist, had repeatedly pointed out quality deficiencies at the hospital. Even an internal hazard report was filed in the summer of 2017. The doctors' accusation is that the neurology department lacks staff and is therefore no longer able to perform its tasks conscientiously.

From whimsical to romantic in unnersdorf

With their penchant for the weird and whimsical, makkela's trash lounge and clark nova make it easy for the audience on saturday, 24. November, at the "zur linde" inn from 9 p.M. It will certainly not be easy to accompany them on their musical walk, which will last for several hours. At first, the road is quite arduous, but in the end it becomes easier and easier as the artists – especially in duets – become livelier and more cheerful, and at the same time, they often fall in line with the country idiom.

The two musicians also immerse the listeners in heartrending romance, like clark nova in the famous guy clarke cover "dublin blues, where the homesickness becomes tangible and many a listener hums along softly. His partner matti, like "makkela's trash lounge" heibt, who goes by the name of burger, is in top form solo on his omnichord, an electronic music device, when he plays the classic "lonesome town" in loud, larmoyant tones, makes an urgent ode to all lonely hearts, which no one in the audience can escape.

Finally understandable: the difference between england, great britain and the united kingdom

UK, England, Great Britain? When talking about the British Isles, it can get confusing. England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom (UK) are closely related but distinct entities. But what is the difference between them?


England is a separate country, but also part of a larger entity called the United Kingdom. England is located in Western Europe and is a sovereign state with its own parliament and government. Its capital is London and it has an estimated population of 53 million people. It covers an area of 130.400 square kilometers (50.300 square miles). English is the official language and has a rich culture that includes music, literature, art and more.

Dune: 10 unpopular opinions about jason momoa as duncan idaho

Viewers have waited over a year for Dune to come to theaters and finally the event is here. Denis Villeneuve's interpretation of Frank Herbert's epic science fiction tale has far exceeded expectations Dune Part 2o has already been green lit. Many hope this means Oscar nominations for the cast.

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Costs will handwritten

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