G20 powers put pressure on taxing digital giants

Germany and france have urged the leading industrialized and emerging countries to introduce a worldwide minimum corporate tax as soon as possible.

"We have to hurry up," france's finance minister bruno le maire said at the meeting of the g20 countries in fukuoka, japan, on saturday. There must be results before the end of this year.

Schauble does not see eu financial tax in danger

It would not be "death throes" if the legal service of the EU council of heads of state and government challenged the legality, schauble said on friday in vilnius, lithuania, before a meeting of euro and EU finance ministers.

The council's experts have come to a different conclusion than the EU commission's experts on one particular point. Even if the council's legal service is right, "it's not the death knell," schauble said. "For this you can find a solution."

Bees need water

Everywhere there is talk of bee mortality, and people want to help. In the trade, especially online, so-called butterfly and bee feeding stations or drinks are therefore offered. The small pots and sponges can or should be treated and filled with sugar water to provide an additional source of food in the garden for butterflies and bees.

But what is well-intentioned can be detrimental to the bees and lead to fatal consequences, says wolf-dietrich schrober, chairman of the beekeepers' association in forchheim, who strongly advises against filling these feeding stations with sugar water. "It became an uncontrolled chaos. The bees go at it uncontrollably. But such places are the breeding ground for diseases that are carried home in such an uncontrolled way."

Helga siebert does amusement with the queen

The queen is "not amused. Their train was late. "As is always the case with the railroads", she adds when she arrives in bad staffelstein on thursday afternoon from hamburg.

The queen is a cabaret artist in her civilian profession and calls herself helga siebert. The hanseatic singer makes her annual guest appearance in bad staffelstein with the last performance of her german tour ("derniere"). So also this year, in the year of her 30. Stage jubilee and the 15. Anniversary of their constantly updated cabaret program "ultimo, with which she regularly performs in hamburg on an old fire ship and in the culture palace.

The council held a very lively debate on the construction of a multi-purpose hall for the municipal building yard in schneckenlohe at the first meeting after the summer break. It was decided not to put the cart before the horse and not to award any contracts until a soil survey had provided information about the condition of the site. There was also a discussion about the coarseness of the construction, whether it was necessary at all.

While mayor knut morgenroth (SPD) wanted to get the ball rolling right away this evening, some of the members of the committee expressed a completely different opinion. Gerhard sub (village community): "is it really necessary to build a completely new hall, or can we also use a barn or something similar to store the building yard equipment??" this question was already asked two years ago, gave the mayor the answer and said: "the topic is now so long through the council ghosts. We have already discussed that this does not make sense. We have to rebuild and it is time to finally make a decision."

When pumuckl came from neustadt

Our secret motto back then was: "first we make children happy, then we make children happy", 82-year-old gerhard limmer smiles at the opening of the "mechanical toys in neustadt" exhibition in the foyer of the neustadt town hall. Limmer must know this, because at that time unpaid toys came out of his toy factory that made children's hearts beat faster.
"In the late 1950s, we produced figurines for easter and christmas from papier-mâché castings, but also for sale at folk festivals and other occasions", recalled the former factory owner. Already in the early 60s, the company switched to a new rubber casting compound made of latex.

Always again the pumuckl
That's when the first dancing animals came into being. "Neustadt was the ideal town for toy manufacturers back then. There was almost everything you needed in a single store", says limmer and adds: "we had cardboard box manufacturers, the massemuhle, the brush-jakob, the drugstore mauer for chemicals and paints, the company doms produced hair and many more." the first participation in the nurnberg toy fair in 1964 was a great success. A particular highlight of his company was a doll that looked like one from 1900, made of porcelain, but now unbreakable. Dancing animals have been well received, including the dancing babies and, above all, pumuckl.
And it is precisely to this that the exhibition has a separate showcase dedicated. In it, a pumuckl sleeps in his pumuckl-bed, an advent calendar with pumuckl can be admired, the pumuckl together with the then popular ice cream confection in a gift box and last but not least the pumuckl together with his master eder as hand puppets. "We later visited gustl bayrhammer with our son in munich. It was a unique experience for all of us", remembers limmer. The collectors and stamp enthusiasts of neustadt have put together some 30 display panels on the subject for this exhibition.

researchers weigh super heavy black holes

They used the method to measure the gigantic black hole in the galaxy with the catalog number NGC 4526: it has the impressive mass of around half a billion suns. The astronomers used the motion of molecular gas, in this case carbon monoxide (CO), swirling around the black hole as a "scale". From the motion of the gas clouds the gravity of the black hole can be determined and from that again its mass.

Astronomers have previously weighed black holes in a similar way, by measuring the motion of stars or ionized gas in the vicinity of the black hole. However, this only works for certain types of galaxies. By observing molecular gas, on the other hand, many more types of galaxies should be accessible.

Schaeffler and sap now strategic partners

Schaeffler, the global automotive and industrial supplier based in herzogenaurach, and SAP, the international market leader for business software, announced the conclusion of a strategic partnership on tuesday. This is primarily aimed at further advancing the development of IT application systems and thus the digital transformation of schaeffler.

"Better to walk than to ghost": is the digital world changing the way we die??

Everything in life has its limits. Death is such a. It's no longer news that even in my generation, the so-called digital natives, a large part of life takes place on the web. But the fact that our digital me should remain even after our demise is going too far for me.

There are companies that specialize in digital life after death. Start-ups such as luka from the usa are already using intelligent software to create a virtual reganger with which the bereaved can stay in touch. It should even be possible to chat in real time.

24 chocolate foals

The young stallion seemed a bit nervous when he had to trot along beside his mother and look as good as possible together with her.

He's only four months old, he doesn't have a name yet, and as befits a slightly nervous foal, he's done a few little things: sometimes he's faster, sometimes slower than the mare (who's on the bridle), sometimes the bleeds in the brightly colored flower puffs are subjected to a taste test and compared with grass, then again the young stallion is pure lamb and shows himself from his chocolate side.