In order to be successful in your job and to have good chances for promotion, it is important to constantly educate yourself and to be open to new things. The better the training and the more practical experience, the better the prospects for a rewarding career. Once you have a good job, you should not rest on your laurels. Continuous training and a high level of commitment ensure that you keep it and that you are a sought-after employee. Many women choose to study while working for this reason. The best option, because it is the most flexible in terms of time and location, is distance learning. Here you can find out what distance learning options are available in Austria and how this training option works.

How does a distance learning MBA work?

As the name already suggests, you study remotely, d.h. the university or educational institution awarding the MBA title is not located near the students. It is not a study with compulsory attendance, there are no classical lectures and seminars. Instead, the study materials are regularly sent to the students by mail, and the Internet is also an important communication platform here. The documents are worked through in self-study.

When buying a property, the purchase price is not the end of the story. The acquisition of a real estate always brings also purchase additional costs with itself. These amount to approximately 10.1% of the purchase price. Unfortunately, most of those can't be saved either. Incidental purchase costs also play a role in financing the purchase of land through credit.

Here's what's important in a nutshell

  • When buying a property, not only the purchase price is due but also incidental costs.
  • The additional purchase costs amount to approximately 10.1% of the purchase price.
  • Land transfer tax, land registration fee, broker's commission and notary's fees all fall into the category of incidental costs when buying a property.
  • Financing through the bank also generates ancillary costs.

How high are the additional costs when buying a plot of land?

Of course, it is not possible to say in general how high the incidental costs of buying a plot of land are. Although many of the items are incurred in any case, some are variable or do not come into play at all. The guideline value of 10.1% of the purchase price gives a first orientation, in order to be able to estimate as a consumer, what I can afford at all.

Consumers with bad credit face difficulties when they want to sign up for a cell phone contract: They often fail the credit check. But this is no reason to despair. You have several options to arrange a cell phone contract without a credit check or with liberal credit criteria.

Different creditworthiness criteria for providers and tariffs

Many people with poor credit ratings wonder how likely they are to get a mobile phone contract. This cannot be answered in a general way for several reasons. First, the service providers do not publish any concrete information about their creditworthiness criteria. They do not want to disclose this data to the competition and want to retain flexibility in individual decisions. Second, the criteria differ between companies. This is the experience that consumer advocates, among others, point to. With identical credit ratings there are some providers say no, competitors grant a cell phone contract. Thirdly, it depends on the type of the tariff. Companies demand a good credit rating for extensive rate packages; they act more generously with basic packages with low costs.

A guide to credit and debit card fees in australia.

1. Credit and Debit Card Fees in Australia – An Overview

There are a variety of credit and debit card fees in Australia. Fees can vary by card provider, but there are some standard fees that are common with almost all providers.

A company car is a vehicle that is made available to the employee by the employer – primarily for professional use, but in most cases also for private use. The company car is often also referred to as the company car.

Both terms are basically synonymous, they just focus on different aspects. The term company car is more common in colloquial language and emphasizes the company's point of view. The term "company car", on the other hand, is more formal and puts the perspective of the employee or the employer in the foreground. company car driver more in focus.

With naturalization, foreign citizenship is basically lost or must be renounced. The German state wants the double citizenship resp. Avoiding multiple citizenship when naturalizing.

Loss of foreign citizenship

The loss of foreign citizenship can take place automatically – on the basis of foreign law – if German citizenship is accepted. Further measures are not necessary then. If necessary the naturalization authority will ask for a certificate of loss of foreign citizenship.

It pays to be a 'henry'

After the Great Recession, a minimum 20% deposit became the industry standard for jumbo mortgages. Today, lenders are loosening the 20% down payment on jumbos – especially for HENRYs ("High Earners, Not Rich Yet"), who tend to be younger professionals with high credit and income, but not a lot of money.

Jumbo Loans

Jumbo loans are mortgages that exceed conforming loan limits. For 2016, that's 417.000 US dollars in most real estate markets and up to 721.050 U.S. dollars in a few expensive real estate markets, such as Honolulu, Hawaii. These loans fall outside of conforming loan restrictions, so they are not backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Because lenders take on more risk with these loans, they typically impose stricter credit requirements and charge higher interest rates to compensate for their financial risk. For more information, see A quick guide to jumbo mortgages and What are your options for big money mortgages?

Everyone who has a credit card appreciates it and usually does not want to do without it. Whether in everyday life or when traveling, the plastic money can be a real blessing and make your life easier in many ways. The market for credit cards is huge and so the overview is not always easy.

What you should look for when taking out a credit card and what a good credit card must have in any case, we have summarized in detail here in our guidebook. You will also find the best credit cards for every purpose here in our credit card comparison. It doesn't matter if your credit card needs to be suitable for shopping or if you're a student looking for a way to withdraw cash for free during your semester abroad…

Fintech crowdlending

Fintech crowdlending – founders and young self-employed people know the problem: you have a promising business idea for which there is a high demand on the market. But setting up a business costs money, and it usually takes a few years before the new company is established and generating profits. Fintechs also make no difference here. While the digitization of financial services is likely to offer enormous potential in the coming years, a new company needs money to establish itself successfully. Increasingly, one also hears about alternative forms of financing such as crowdlending in connection with young fintechs. But what is crowdlending, and what is its significance for fintechs?

Does it make sense to get an overview of the market for a real estate loan yourself or is a financial intermediary actually the better way to go?? Nuremberg-based financing expert Helge-Jurgen Grundmann from baugeld& more finance switching GmbH explains in the interview, how respectable finance switching functions and where their advantages lie.

Mr. Grundmann, as a financial intermediary you are the link between the bank and the builder-owner. The alternative is to go directly to the bank. What are the advantages of a financial intermediary?

Helge-Jurgen Grundmann: To get an overview of the market, you would have to visit a large number of banks – including providers without a branch network – hold discussions and obtain offers. Even more time-consuming and challenging would be the comparison of the offers and the evaluation of the different additional conditions, such as unscheduled repayment, redemption change and commitment interest rate. The advantage of the financial mediator is that he already has this market overview. From a large number of offers, it not only selects the lowest-interest provider, but also takes into account the personal situation of the applicant in terms of offer conditions and guidelines of the lenders. An experienced financial intermediary also checks possible state subsidies and assists with the application process. This is a serious difference with banks. Once the right provider has been found, the next step is for a financial advisor to work with the customer to obtain the necessary financing documents and submit them to the bank in accordance with the requirements. In addition, he keeps all parties involved, such as brokers or developers, up to date on the processing status and accompanies the customer even after approval in the disbursement phase. This aspect should not be neglected, as the various financing modules must be called up in a coordinated manner in order to ensure a smooth process up to the time of moving in.