In Germany, administrative law is the law of the executive power, i.e. the executive branch of government. It is one of the most important components of public law, along with constitutional law and state law. Administrative law is part of everyday life, as it is the basis for the actions of all German offices and authorities. Be it when using public roads, getting married at the registry office or going to school.

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New york does not leave a footprint for alcohol

drinking alcohol in public? This is not for Americans. Even though that's exactly what they like to do. But they follow very specific rules when doing so, at least if they want to avoid trouble with law enforcement officials. Now read and be amazed, where and how you are allowed to drink alcohol in New York – and what you better put out of your mind.

Two years ago, the US government separated hundreds of immigrant children from their mothers and fathers. Many of the parents were deported – no trace of them to this day.

The wall to mexico and 545 missing parents

What happens to the joint account in the event of inheritance?

Deaths often bring the relatives of the deceased to the limits of their endurance, because in addition to coping with the grief, a number of legal problems relating to the inheritance, which are not infrequently complicated, also have to be clarified. One of the questions that may arise after the death of a relative is: What happens to the joint account in the event of inheritance?? What has to be considered in the event of the death of the account holder is to be explained as clearly as possible on the basis of this article.

transfer of the estate to the heir

According to §1922 BGB all rights and obligations of the deceased pass to his heirs. Accordingly, account balances, that is, claims against a bank under a savings contract or a checking contract, also pass to the heir or heirs. In the case of a joint account, which is often also referred to as a joint account, only the share of the joint credit balance to which the decedent is entitled passes to the heirs or. the heir or heirs take the place of the now deceased account holder.

Distance learning labor law (practical knowledge)

Legal knowledge, especially in employment law, is more important today than ever before. Employment contracts, changes in work tasks, transfers or dismissals must be regulated in accordance with the law in order to prevent legal disputes.

Employers and trainers, as well as employees in the human resources departments of companies and enterprises, need detailed knowledge of labor law regulations in order to take the right measures at the right time in the event of disagreements and imminent operational changes. This is the only way to avoid time-consuming and cost-intensive disputes, which can also put a strain on the working atmosphere and the relationship with the employees concerned.

The RAF and Berlin. In 1970, Andreas Baader, Ulrike Meinhof, Gudrun Ensslin, Horst Mahler and others founded the Red Army Faction. Briefly RAF. The extreme left-wing terrorist organization, which operated along the lines of Latin American guerrilla groups, left a trail of violence and left a lasting mark on German history. More than 30 murders attributed to "Baader-Meinhof" gang. In addition, there are bank robberies, bombings and kidnappings.

Most of the acts did not happen in Berlin, but both West and East Berlin played an enduring role in the RAF's history. 50 years after the terrorist group was founded, here we have compiled the RAF's most important historical links to Berlin.