Getting a traffic ticket in West Chester, Pennsylvania can be more than a minor annoyance. If you are found guilty of a moving violation, you will receive points on your record from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. The point system used in the state tracks your behavior while driving. If you accumulate too many points, your insurance rates will increase., You can also have your driver's license suspended if you have too many points or immediately for certain crimes. If you get help from an experienced traffic attorney at DiCindio Law, you can avoid accumulating too many points and receiving a license suspension. If you depend on your ability to drive to get to work, run errands, or go to school, getting too many points on your driving record can cause major disruptions in your life.,

Points and driver's license suspensions in Pennsylvania

If you reach six points or more on your Pennsylvania Driving Record, you are at risk of having your driving privileges suspended. The number of points that can cause you to lose your license depends on your age and the type of license you have. If you have a commercial driver's license, you may receive higher points and have your license suspended immediately for certain types of traffic citations.,

My work as a patent attorney mainly involves drafting and filing patent applications and representing clients of the chemical industry in patent cases before the European Patent Office and its Boards of Appeal, before the World Intellectual Property Organization, and, albeit to a lesser extent, before the German Patent and Trademark Office and the German Federal Patent Court. Furthermore, I deal with patent portfolios of clients in proceedings before foreign patent authorities worldwide in cooperation with the colleagues there, as well as with patent law advice to clients in general, which includes the preparation of infringement and validity opinions.

In my professional life I am mostly busy with processing patent files and informative exchanges with the respective client or foreign colleague. However, there is a lot of variety, due to the different matters you deal with, the interactions with colleagues in the office as well as the oral hearings, which are held before patent offices and appeal boards.

Lawyer kilian lenard warns for martin ismail

I receive more and more warnings from the lawyer Kilian Lenard from Berlin. This is a reminder for a certain Mr. Martin Ismail from the Interessengemeinschaft Datenschutz about an alleged DSGVO violation at my client's site. Neither a power of attorney nor an address of the allegedly affected party are mentioned. It also remains completely unclear who or what the Interessengemeinschaft Datenschutz (IG Datenschutz) is at all. Only that this has committed itself to the enforcement of data protection by civil law, one can infer from the letter.

What does Mr. Martin Ismail want in the first place??

It remains unclear whether Mr. Ismail or the IG data protection want to be concerned. In any case, it had come to my attention that my clients were using Google Fonts on their websites and that the IP addresses of the website visitors were thus being forwarded to the USA. Mr. Ismail has not given his consent. Also, no justification for the transmission of the IP address to Google is apparent. The right to informational self-determination is thus violated. Mr. Ismail has injunctive relief against my clients. In return for a payment of EUR 170.00 and immediate removal of the alleged infringement, however, the matter would be left to rest. It remains unclear whether Mr. Ismail also warns here an omission.

A boundary dispute in the Unterschleibheim district of Riedmoos escalated to such an extent that an excavator knocked over a hut on the neighboring property. We talked to the two parties.

Unterschleibheim – An excavator tears on Friday, 12. August, a piece of fence of the Schneid family a. A garden hut, a toilet house and concrete posts fall down. It is 12.3 p.m., when the excavator driver starts to clear the boundary on behalf of Martin Reichart and Christian Mederl. Both stand with their lawyer on their driveway next door and watch.

Legal aid criminal law

"The defendant can avail himself of the assistance of a defense attorney in any situation of the proceedings."

It is not uncommon for a lawyer to be confronted with the question of a joint attorney for the divorce. The understandable wish to keep the costs of a divorce as low as possible plays a role here, because one agrees on everything and jointly strives for an amicable (consensual) divorce.

An amicable divorce with a joint lawyer – it is not possible!

The lawyer is the representative of the interests of one of the parties in the proceedings, i.e. in the case of a divorce, the representative of the interests on the side of the petitioner or on the side of the respondent. This division of roles regulated by the legislator leads to the fact that a lawyer who in advance z.B. As a mediator has attempted to bring the interests of both parties together, is prevented from later representing one of those parties against the other in this matter, or even beyond it. In the case of a divorce or other family law matters, spouses have fundamentally conflicting interests, at least from a legal point of view. The higher maintenance claim of one leads to a higher burden on the other spouse. The renunciation may bring disadvantages to one, which the lawyer would have to inform about, and the other spouse would not be happy about it. The timing of filing for divorce may give one spouse an advantage, etc. The agreement in a divorce could therefore be based on the fact that one or both parties do not know their rights and therefore do not exercise them. Regardless of this, there is often the desire – with the argument of cost savings in the sense of a cheap divorce – to seek and hire a lawyer together. It is not certain whether this is always driven by the idea that the interests of both spouses are safeguarded by a commissioned lawyer. It can also be a feint to prevent the spouse from seeking his or her own advice. It should therefore be clear to you: The assigned lawyer is exclusively obligated to the spouse who has assigned him/her (signature on the power of attorney). If your partner insists on hiring only one lawyer, you hire the lawyer, then your protection of interests is secured.

Inherited current account - what to do?

When a loved one dies, it's a terrible thing. After death, the surviving dependents usually also have a lot of bureaucracy to deal with. Even if the deceased did not leave much – almost everyone inherits a checking account. And this involves a number of points to which particular attention should be paid.

As an apartment owner, you are part of a homeowners' association. This meets regularly to discuss various projects and running costs around the common property. What can be discussed and decided in the owners' meeting, what formalities must be observed and what you should also know, we explain in the following paragraphs.

What the owners' meeting is about

The German Condominium Act (Wohnungseigentumsgesetz, WEG) and § 24 and 25 respectively stipulate that all owners of a property must meet at least once a year in order to clarify important decisions relating to the common property. This includes issues relating to the maintenance and repair of jointly used areas, but also decisions on work to be carried out on the apartments themselves, such as painting the facade or renovating the balconies. In addition, the house rules, rights of use and other topics relating to communal living can be topics of the owners' meeting. In addition, the manager presents the annual statement of accounts for property management and other measures, and prepares a business plan for the coming accounting year, which shows what expenses each owner can expect to incur.

Have you been involved in a traffic accident, have you been dismissed without cause, or have you been the victim of a criminal offense?? In these cases, it is important to act quickly and seek legal help. We at the law firm Scheerer& Maly have put together a checklist to help you best prepare for your first appointment with your criminal or traffic attorney.

1. Make an appointment early

First, it's important to find out about law firms in the immediate area and make an initial attorney appointment. You should pay attention to the areas of expertise of the law firm you choose and, if possible, consult a specialized lawyer.

Every driver knows the situation: you are on the highway or in a closed city, you are in a hurry, and the car in front of you is calmly driving in the passing lane without clearing it. If you lose patience in such situations, tailgate and additionally flash your lights or honk your horn, you run the risk of being prosecuted for coercion in traffic.

Attorney Dietrich will provide you with helpful information on the topic of "Coercion in Road Traffic" below and provide you with an overview of these issues in particular: