As a victim of a traffic offense, it is important to clarify and assert your rights and claims at an early stage. It is generally worth consulting a lawyer in all traffic accidents. The law firm of Leonhard Grabmann has the necessary know-how and specializes in traffic criminal law in Munich.

What is the right thing to do if I am a victim of a traffic offense??

Most traffic offenses involve car accidents with personal injuries. If an accident happens, it is important that you secure your rights. It is necessary for all parties involved to stop immediately and notify the police, especially if a party has been injured.

Going on vacation with a company car: What is and is not allowed for tax purposes.

Going on vacation in an official car – is that allowed at all?? What does the local tax office say? Basically, the same rules apply on vacation as for private trips at home. Any differences only arise from the employer's regulations on the use of the company car on vacation, for example on the deductible for the costs per kilometer or in the event of an accident or theft. What to consider in terms of tax when taking a vacation with the company car, is in this series of articles.

A hail damage to the car happens quite suddenly, usually in midsummer a thunderstorm front moves up and brings heavy hail with it. And the hailstones can cause quite sensitive damage to our cars, from a diameter of 3 centimeters hailstones cause damage to the car. Mostly extensive on all sheet metal parts, therefore a hail damage is also so expensive. If you also had the bad luck and suffered a hail damage, then you ask yourself of course the question whether you are stuck with the damage or whether your car insurance takes over the damage.

Hail damage to your car - what does the insurance pay??

Which insurance pays the hail damage to the own car?

The liability insurance that each of us has, does not come for the hail damage on. Partial or fully comprehensive insurance is required for this purpose.

Munich: maximilian wuhr's start-up is valued at 500 million - munich

Who knows what kind of business Maximilian Wuhr would have started if the car salesmen in California hadn't been such a pain in his ass. "Everyone was trying to rip me off," he recalls of the semester abroad at Berkeley, "I'm not a car person, had little money and just wanted a car for a while, see some of the area." A 2006 Ford Mustang was purchased for $2,500. Sounds great, but: "The worst buying experience of my life!", scolds Wuhr. All kinds of things were broken: catalytic converter, fuel tank, trunk, and it was raining in through a hole in the roof that had been patched with tape. The repairs: absurdly expensive, 1000 dollars he should pay. Wuhr asked: "What exactly costs what?? I want a cost breakdown!"He didn't get it, so they sent him to the next repair shop. In the end, the repair cost 300 dollars.

E-scooters: be careful with alcohol!

E-scooters and e-scooters are currently the talk of the town. The means of transportation are becoming more and more popular and it is already impossible to imagine German cities without them. In many cases there is even talk of a plague. While owners appreciate the convenience and flexibility, especially on shorter trips, e-scooters also face repeated massive criticism. Especially at the beginning, there was a lack of clear legal regulations – this is now to be countered by the new regulation for very small electric vehicles. The following article is intended to provide you with an overview of the legal framework conditions.

The four insurtech waves: from 'challengers' to 'global challenges'

Over the past three years, we've watched the fundamentals of "InsurTech" evolve. The 300 InsurTechs that have presented at our conferences so far and the 2.500, which are stored in our database, give us a pretty good picture of the development so far, but also of the direction this development will take in the future. Looking back and into the future, we can identify four InsurTech waves, each of which has given or will give the insurance industry a new direction.

by Roger Peverelli, Reggy de Feniks and Walter C.

The role of cybersecurity in protecting corporate data

In today's digital world, companies are increasingly dependent on their IT infrastructure. As reliance on technology increases, so does the risk of cyberattacks. Cybersecurity is therefore playing an increasingly important role in protecting corporate data. A good example of the importance of cybersecurity is the iPhone. Although the iPhone is known for its good security, this system can also be hacked.

Trial work in the dental practice: the 7 most important questions and answers

Dentists can find out which applicants are good and fit into the team by inviting candidates to a trial day. However, practice owners must observe a few rules of the game. The 7 most important questions and answers about the trial day in the dental practice.

Trial work is now common in many dental practices. A trial day not only gives the applicant an authentic insight into the day-to-day work in the practice, but also shows the boss and the permanent staff how the newcomer works and whether he or she fits in with them.

Financial tips for moving in together

When it comes to money, the fun stops – certainly also for couples in love. To avoid serious conflict, they should make a joint plan on how to handle finances in the partnership before moving in together.

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