Traffic accident: when to call the police

If an accident has occurred, the question arises for many whether they have to call in the police or not. Experts explain in which cases it is absolutely sensible to call the police and when it is possible to refrain from doing so.

There is a thick blanket of snow in the garden, and a few days later even the ornamental pond is frozen over. Winter can be beautiful, but it can also be destructive. At low temperatures, especially below freezing, you as a homeowner or tenant have a duty of care to avoid major damage to the building. The garden or the balcony plants need special care, so that they come undamaged over the winter.

In this article, you'll learn how to save your home and garden from frost damage. The most important things in a nutshell:

There are numerous car insurance companies in Germany. Without automobile insurance, the vehicle may not be driven on the roads. Today, to find a good, but also cheap insurance for the vehicle, there are several options.

Car insurance comparison free of charge

The Internet offers a good overview of the individual insurance companies and their different rates. A car insurance comparison helps to find the best Assekuranz. However, there can be differences in a car insurance – this can not only be due to the place of residence, but also to the regional and type classes. The following guide deals with the topic of car insurance, how the premium is determined and how the calculator works. The form below offers a free rate comparison.

For those who are tired of the dreary German weather conditions, emigration to faraway places such as Dubai may seem tempting. Not only the eternal summer beckons, but also the tax freedom. Numerous Germans are now drawn to Dubai to spend their vacations, work or enjoy their retirement there.

Discover the dream destination dubai: emigrate to the new land of unlimited opportunities

Dubai – a global melting pot full of diversity.

In many people's minds, Dubai is seen as the epitome of wealth and luxury. We are thinking of imposing skyscrapers such as the Burj Khalifa, dreamlike hotel complexes and countless shopping and leisure opportunities. This is precisely why Dubai is a sought-after destination for tourists and immigrants alike. The attraction of a new experience in a never sleeping metropolis is irresistible. In fact, over 90% of the population are expats.

It solutions for telematics tariffs: via central 'data hub for sensor data' to valuable information

The use of telematics fundamentally changes business processes at insurers. For example, individual sensor data is enabling a whole new way of assessing risks and setting premiums. The use of real-time data even turns the traditional role of insurance as a claims adjuster on its head. In the future, insurance companies will be able to participate more proactively in loss prevention by helping policyholders to avoid loss-triggering events or to identify them at an early stage so that they can take the appropriate countermeasures in good time. IT takes center stage: Ralf Kufner provides some valuable tips here.

by Ralf Kufner, Associate Partner Infosys Consulting

Certain policies should be reviewed, adjusted and, if necessary, cancelled after the wedding.

After saying yes: change, merge or cancel insurance policies

Where the future of mobility leads is uncertain. Thanks to Hepster from Rostock, however, it is at least properly insured

Embedded insurance: apple care on two wheels

Hanna Bachmann is co-founder and COO of the insurtech company Hepster, which was founded in Rostock in 2016. Photo: Hepster

After an accident: which insurance pays?

It doesn't matter if you're driving, biking, walking or riding an e-scooter: You quickly get involved in an accident. But which insurance company is the right contact in this case?

In the first half of 2022, the police recorded more than one million traffic accidents alone, according to Destatis. About 164.000 people were injured, 1.238 even killed. In many cases, insurance companies will pay for the financial damage caused by the accident. Which insurance you should take out after an accident depends on the individual situation. A role plays,

These are the penalties and fines for worn tires

Whether unintentionally or knowingly: worn tires are not only dangerous for road traffic, but also cause a great deal of resentment among those affected due to high fines and penalties. If the minimum tread depth of 1.6mm is not reached during a police check, the vehicle or the vehicle is considered to be in danger. the tires are not considered roadworthy and accordingly may not be used. The rule is the same regardless of whether summer, winter or all-season tires are involved.

The head of Russia's central bank Elwira Nabiullina is Russia's woman of the hour. For years, her policies have saved the economy from collapse. Entering its third term in possibly the worst crisis since 1998.

Elwira nabiullina: the ruble savior

Russia must adapt to the new situation and change its policies to raise the living standards of people in the country, Elvira Nabiullina told the State Duma in late April. Nevertheless, the Russians should not be afraid. "Russia has resources, Russia has all the necessary resources. There is no threat of default," the head of the Russian Central Bank stressed to the parliamentarians, trying to allay fears of a scenario like the one in 1998. At that time, Russia could no longer pay its foreign debts and plunged into a severe crisis, which impoverished many people.