“Better to walk than to ghost”: is the digital world changing the way we die??

"Better to walk than to ghost": is the digital world changing the way we die??

Everything in life has its limits. Death is such a. It's no longer news that even in my generation, the so-called digital natives, a large part of life takes place on the web. But the fact that our digital me should remain even after our demise is going too far for me.

There are companies that specialize in digital life after death. Start-ups such as luka from the usa are already using intelligent software to create a virtual reganger with which the bereaved can stay in touch. It should even be possible to chat in real time.

As comforting as it may be to know that a loved one will always be at your side, we should not forget that no technical algorithm will be able to replace the soul of a person in all its complexity. Swapping real mimicry perhaps. But if it were up to me, I'd rather walk in peace than haunt future generations as a chatting bot. However, it is not up to me: the survivors should have the right to decide this for themselves.

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