Be sure to keep these seven points in mind when job hunting

Be sure to keep these seven points in mind when job hunting

Many people identify themselves through their job and place a high value on it. But for those who are unhappy in their jobs, unemployed or unable to work, this easily plunges them into an identity crisis. The fact that you also have to fight with existential fears is also not left out.

The employment agency or job center then proves to be a worthwhile point of contact and provides a modern platform for job searches with the job exchange.

Using the job board seems simple enough, but to get the best results, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, you should also know what the job exchange of the employment agency is all about.

The job exchange of the employment agency

A job board is generally understood to be a section in print media or a virtual platform used to publish job postings. Companies can use this to publicize which positions are currently open in their company. People looking for jobs can find potential employers and collect addresses for the next job application marathon.

Since the Federal Labor Agency is not only responsible for social benefits, but also takes job placement very seriously, you're golden here if you're looking for a job. You don't even have to make an appointment at the local employment office to do this; after all, there's the employment agency's job board online. This acts as a job search engine, allowing for a systematic search.

Be sure to keep these seven points in mind when job hunting

In contrast to many other platforms and portals, the job exchange is offered by the German Federal Employment Agency, which means that it is much more trusted by companies and job seekers. The employment office is the institution behind the job exchange and stands for control and quality.

Seven tips for using the virtual job exchange

You do not have to be registered as a job seeker to access the job exchange and use the employment agency's job search engine. So you can approach the matter quite innocently and first get an impression of the job market.

However, when the job search becomes serious, one should proceed in a structured manner in order to get the most out of it. All those who would like support without having to bother their case worker should take the following tips to heart:

Show initiative and use job board

People who are registered as jobseekers with the employment office often have high hopes for the professional job agency and wait for suitable offers to come along. However, this is rarely successful, which is why you have to show initiative by actively looking for a job via the job exchange.

Create a user account

The job board can certainly be used without registering, but only those who create an account can create their own profile and thus use the full potential of the job board. This includes, among other things, the creation of a virtual application portfolio.

Publish applicant profile

Many people don't even realize that the job board can be used to post not only job openings from companies, but also applications from applicants. You should take advantage of this opportunity by making your candidate profile public and more visible to potential employers.

Receiving job offers by e-mail

Even if you regularly search the job board for suitable vacancies, you may sometimes miss your dream job. To prevent this, you should not only create a user account, but also have job offers matching your profile sent to you by e-mail.

Determine a realistic radius

Regardless of whether it is a question of the user profile or a specific search, users of the job exchange should define a realistic radius. This should not be too small, because you can hardly expect that the dream job is waiting for you next door.

However, you should also not choose a radius that is too far, after all, the workplace must be within easy reach of your home. Those who are completely flexible and also consider a move can specify Germany as the place of work and thus receive nationwide job offers.

Job titles vary

If you are looking for a training position or a job, you should know exactly what you want. At the same time, one should try out different job titles in the job board in order to find all relevant job offers.

Use the job exchange as an app

The employment agency's job exchange is keeping up with the times and is now also available as an app for iOS and Android. So you can keep an eye on the latest job offers via smartphone or tablet.

Checklist – How to find the right job

Finding the right job is always an immense challenge, which can sometimes become a real life task. Young adults first have to make a career choice and then find the perfect job after training or graduation.

However, the days of staying with one employer until retirement and pursuing one's job are long gone, so there's nothing to stop you from looking for suitable jobs again and again in order to be able to make a change or to master the return to work.

A checklist can be very helpful when it comes to a successful job search and should consider the following aspects:

  • Get an overview
  • Realistically assess your knowledge and skills
  • Show a willingness to compromise
  • Show initiative
  • ensure a serious appearance
  • Keep application documents up to date

All those who greatly appreciate the job exchange and want to learn in detail about how the online job search of the Employment Agency works, should also not disregard the other aspects of the Arge.

On job you can find independent and detailed information.

What are the advantages of an applicant profile on the job board??

The Agentur fur Arbeit's job board is freely accessible online and does not require registration. Therefore, the question arises many times why one should register and create an applicant profile.

There are good reasons for this, because on the one hand you have full access to anonymous job offers and on the other hand you can also be found by the companies in this way.

Quite a few employers use the portal of the employment agency to look for suitable personnel.

Who can use the job exchange of the employment agency??

Sometimes there is the misconception that the job exchange of the employment agency is only reserved for customers of the employment office. But this is not the case. Everyone who is looking for current job offers can use it.

It does not matter whether you are receiving ALG I, ALG II, are currently on parental leave, would like to change your career or would like to anticipate impending unemployment. The job exchange is there for everyone.

How to get in touch with employers through the job board?

The job exchange of the employment agency sees itself as a platform that brings applicants and companies together.

However, from the applicant's point of view, the question often arises as to how to contact potential employers in concrete terms. If contact details are mentioned in the job advertisement, one can simply use these and should orientate oneself to the preferred contact option in each case.

In case of an anonymous job offer, one can send a message to the employer through the portal or apply directly through the relevant button.

Attention! Two tips from the editors

The job board of the employment agency is an important institution for job seekers and also employers and brings these two groups together. With the previously mentioned points, the use can be optimized and made effective. In addition, our editors have compiled the following two tips to help you quickly find your dream job.

Also use online job exchanges of other providers!

The employment agency's job board is without question a worthwhile address on the Internet when it comes to conducting a virtual job search. However, applicants should also be aware that there are many more providers.

Various online job exchanges exist on the WWW. By taking advantage of different offers, you have the greatest chance of finding your dream job. The job board is therefore by no means without alternative.

Continuously update application documents!

Job applications are treated stepmotherly by many people and perceived as a necessary evil. However, this is not how you should proceed if you are job hunting.

Your documents are your calling card and make a first impression on the potential employer. This decides on the basis of the documents, whether an applicant comes into the shortlist or not.

That's why it's important to keep your documents up to date and also to adapt them to your needs. It is obvious that the whole thing should be visually appealing and contain all relevant information.

If necessary, job seekers should ask for help in preparing their application documents or take part in an application training course.

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