A touch of dubai on the german real estate market

With the commitment of the entrepreneur Benjamin Mitsch, System Immobilie GmbH has not only secured the services of a man with a great deal of experience in the development of real estate, but with this cooperation has also ensured that the subject of real estate as a retirement provision is once again becoming interesting for the average consumer.

Real estate market in Germany to be revolutionized

The system real estate GmbH would like to set an exclamation mark and lend new gloss to the German real estate market with innovative concepts and projects. One aspect here concerns the investor, who can participate with only 200 euro per month in new building projects, which yield a lasting net yield in further consequence, since on the one hand the renovation expenditure turns out by far smaller over the entire investment period and on the other hand promotions can be used, in order to obtain additional net yields. For a long-term investment success is naturally also the tenant clientele responsible, which looks completely different with new buildings than with other real estates.

The concept of the system real estate GmbH aims, under the direction of Benjamin Mitsch, to unite the advantages of classical real estate investment with the security of highest value stability. The goal of Mitsch and his team is clear: to pave the way for small investors to access profitable real estate projects and at the same time to increase their own customer base. Because from content investors can become in further consequence also content real estate buyers, who would like to use the acquired real estate themselves. Own use represents the second pillar of the real estate company.

Dubai as a role model

The new strategy is based on the luxury of real estate in Dubai. Since Mitsch is also active in Dubai with the marketing of his own properties in the luxury segment, he experiences first-hand what needs property owners have and transfers these modern concepts to the German real estate market. "It's all about creating a feel-good atmosphere. The last two years, but also the years before, have shown how important it is to feel comfortable within one's own four walls," says the entrepreneur. System Immobilie GmbH invests in the technical equipment of the building as well as in the furnishings of the property itself.

By the luxuriosen equipment of their future objects the enterprise wants to differentiate itself from the competition: The real estate is to be more than only a dwelling. It should be an idyllic retreat where the new owner can feel like he's on vacation and can relax after his stressful everyday life," says Mitsch, outlining his vision. A relaxation that should not be clouded by any worries: That is why there is only one contact person who takes care of all wishes and their implementation. This not only saves time, but also money in the end. The company even takes over the property management for the owners.

A touch of dubai on the german real estate market

The market demands more quality

Sales expert Mitsch not only has a renowned network at his fingertips thanks to his many years of experience in the real estate sector, which he now makes available exclusively to System Immobilie GmbH, but he also has a feel for what the market is looking for: "In past decades, it was advantageous to buy and rent out real estate that was as cheap as possible and therefore not really of high quality, even if it was already somewhat older and therefore in need of renovation. These are still in demand, but have become extremely rare. At the same time, many investors are prepared to pay more for higher quality. Therefore, a new building is an interesting alternative. It is precisely this bottleneck that we are trying to eliminate with our innovative concepts, while not neglecting our customers' expectations of return on investment."

Real estate investments are emotional

Investing in a property or even using it for your own use is never just a rational decision based on numbers. System Immobilie GmbH also takes this into account with its new concepts. If you want to earn solid returns as a small investor in real estate over the next few decades, you would do well to get the most out of your money – with the maximum amount of borrowed capital. In Mitsch's opinion, this can be achieved with cleverly designed new construction projects that not only maintain their value in the long term, but actually increase it, while taking advantage of government subsidies and requiring virtually no additional investment: "If the substance is such that it can survive the next few decades without any problems, then the small investor will have less effort and costs to worry about for renovations and will therefore enjoy his real estate investment for many years to come."

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