24 Chocolate foals

24 chocolate foals

The young stallion seemed a bit nervous when he had to trot along beside his mother and look as good as possible together with her.

He's only four months old, he doesn't have a name yet, and as befits a slightly nervous foal, he's done a few little things: sometimes he's faster, sometimes slower than the mare (who's on the bridle), sometimes the bleeds in the brightly colored flower puffs are subjected to a taste test and compared with grass, then again the young stallion is pure lamb and shows himself from his chocolate side.

Just as it should be for a foal show, to which the franken horse breeding association had invited as always in summer to schwarzenau. 24 young stallions and mares were up for auction, all of them warmbloods, and the whole saturday afternoon it was a hustle and bustle on the field next to the campground.

And it was not only the foals and some mares that were on the program for the presentation, including marking and entry in the studbook. The whole thing, says peter lindner, head of the teaching, testing and technical center for pig farming in schwarzenau, "has developed into a small folk festival to which horse breeders from all over lower franconia and beyond come to schwarzenau," he says. Accordingly, a show program has been established, which is more than just a pause between two blocks of foal selection.

Of which the foals on the whole do not love to be grossly impressed. Under the benevolent but strict gaze of the three judges cornelia back, georg ochs and rainer herbst, they were allowed to be what they are, namely young horses. For the organization was once again the pferdezuchtverein schwarzenau responsible, led by the chairman gunter fendel, and as always, the entire event ran like clockwork.

Also present was christian graf, head of the schwarzenau deck station, and the rough interaction shows how much these three are connected with each other. That's why this foal show is also what lindner called it: an "important date in the annual calendar of every horse lover and breeder".

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